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Real Masters Don’t Teach The Truth – They Live It!

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Stay humble.
You are a student as much as you are a teacher. 

You should share your knowledge only when someone seeks your advice; don’t give answers to questions that haven’t been asked.

Your job is to shine your light; to observe and talk back to the people when they are looking for help; your task is to give to those in need.

You never have, and you don’t need to tell anyone they’re wrong, let alone that they need you.

Help only when someone asks you to help them. Do it because you definitely can!

You don’t have to explain and defend your actions in front of other people by justifying everything you have achieved by now.

Those who really need your help will understand what you are saying without hearing your words, and they will come to you ready to trust you with their lives. 

You don’t need to talk about yourself and your experiences. There is no point in doing so. 

Be wise. Live your life. Be humble. Act like a master, feel like a master, speak like a master, BE A MASTER. 

The Master doesn’t chase after others to explain the truth.

A real Master stays in his/her modesty and waits for those who come on their own and seek help;

Light, Love, Initiation, Support, Friendship.

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