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The Golden Rule Of 3 That Literally Attracts Happiness Into Your Life

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

I recommend you print these rules out and hang them somewhere visible, so you remind yourself of them every day. 

Sometimes, it’s very easy to get in conflict with your closest people. We feel very tired and fed up with everything and it really seems like they are trying to attack or offend us in every way possible. We feel oppressed and depressed. So what do you think, why is that?

All our problems, illnesses, sadness, weakness, anger and dissatisfaction with our lives – are a consequence of our own thoughts and actions! We often forget what is most important and focus on material things, and most importantly when actually, what really matter is to live in harmony with our own selves .

Once, an old wise man said that there is a Rule of Three things which principles our whole life is built upon. Namely, the number 3 holds a sacred meaning in almost all religions and cultures of the world.

This Golden Rule of 3 things reveals the spirit of eternal values ​​that are the essence of our existence. By adhering to these rules, you learn the secret of happiness and see how your life gradually aligns. You will attract what you exude.

The Rule of 3

3 things that will never come back: time, a spoken word, an opportunity.

3 things that should not be lost: peace, hope, honor.

3 most valuable things in life: love, self-respect, trust.

3 things you shouldn’t firmly rely on: power, happiness, material belongings.

3 things that shape a person: work, honesty, achievement.

3 things that destroy a person: guilt, pride, anger.

3 things that are hardest to say: “I love you,”, “I’m Sorry,” “Help me.”

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