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Use This Ritual To Harness The Energies Of The August Blue Supermoon In Pisces

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by Conscious Reminder

The Pisces Full Moon occurs on August 30/31 and is our second Full Moon for the month of August, hence the term “Blue Moon.” It is also a Super Moon, which means its effects will be amplified.

This Pisces Super Blue Moon will draw things up and out of us, shedding light on what has been buried for a long time. Psychic debris will be cleared, emotional baggage will be released, and we may even find some space in our lives opening up.

The vibrations of Pisces energy, combined with the fact that this is a Blue Moon, will thin the veil and heighten our intuition, making it an especially potent time for ritual work.

This potent cleansing ritual is intended to work in tandem with the Pisces Blue Moon energies. It promotes release on both a psychic and an emotional level. This ritual should leave you feeling more relaxed and with a stronger auric field.

I hope you enjoy this ritual!

Pisces Blue Moon Ritual August 2023

This ritual is best done between August 25-September 10, 2023


  • 1. Choice of smudging
  • 2. Sea salt- 1tbsp
  • 3. Essential oil- 1 to 2 drops
  • 4. Herbs, dried
  • 5. Bowl with warm water
  • 6. Journal with pen
  • 7. Candles


1. Bring all your ingredients to one side, put the herbs and salt into the jug, and ignite the candles.

2. While sitting before the jug or bowl, take a tool for smudging and rub it all around your aura. While doing that, recite this-

“With the curtains falling on the season, I refuse to hold on to what’s holding me back. This is the new me, cleansed, illuminated, and nourished. I am excited about what will come and I trust my guiding light to show me the correct way.”

Next, pick up the smudging tool to smudge what’s before you. This includes the bowl too and recite-

“I have cleansed everything before me, including what I need to complete this ritual. They have a positive vibration around them, which will help me cleanse myself with certainty.”

3. Next, start your bath, while simultaneously picking the bowl with the herbs and reciting-

“The herbs in my hand are my healing agents. They will clear out any pain and old wounds that still prick me. These will help me restore my soul and body. The salt would root me to Mother Earth while protecting my energy, as well as my confidence in all things living.”

4. You can let go of this step if you’re in the shower and not a bath, for all you need to do is dump the contents in the bowl into the bath.

5. As the bath is almost ready, pour a couple of drops of essential oil into the bath, and swirl it with your hand. Pray to the higher spirit, or make some wish that you want to be fulfilled. It could be something like,

“I ask of this bath, if it could bring me…”

6. Then get into your bath. Feel the salts and essential oils along with herbs work their magic. In case you’re in a shower, pour the jug all over you, while there is warm water running.

7. Now, pick up the journal and write down whatever thoughts come to the mind. It could be a message to the future you, or it could be something that the spirits have instructed to you. Or, it could be all the wishes and desires, the dreams that you see completed within the year. Or it could just be what you are feeling.

You could use these,

“I will love myself a lot more if I…” or “I am letting go of…”

It doesn’t have to be a message. You could also draw.

8. Next, try meditating for at least a quarter of the hour.

9. As you are nearing the end of the ritual, blow out the candles, and whisper this to the higher spirits watching over you,

“To everyone watching over me, I ask for a peaceful, restful sleep. I am ready to face and overcome my fears. I know my strengths, I know my weaknesses, and I want to speak the truth without fear. Let me release what doesn’t belong to me. I ask for a sleep that would refresh and invigorate me tomorrow. Thank you.”

10. As you wake up, release the herbs back to where they came from- nature. But do thank them for the magic they brought in your life.

Your ritual is now complete! I hope you feel lighter!

Have a safe Full Moon.

Blue Moon Blessings to you!

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