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The Twin Flames Of The Golden Ray

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by Conscious Reminder

The so-called golden ray twin flames are the ones that embody the mission of the soul of the greatest spiritual goals – the ascension of human beings to higher consciousness dimensions.

It is just one of the numerous color rays we may have, with every one of them corresponding to our chakra energy centers in our subtle bodies. This ray is actually connected with our Solar Chakra (colored gold), and with our Solar Plexus (colored yellow).

The Solar Chakra forms part of the twelve chakra system which actually describes the link existing between primary charkas belonging to our subtle bodies and the Universe’s greater consciousness.

The connection definitely makes the color ray especially unique – and rare as well.

The soul mission golden ray twin flames.

The gold’s soul mission is identical for each other color – in order to raise humanity’s vibrations, to actually bring us in higher consciousness dimension through ascension. But, every color ray takes this differently. In fact, golden ray twin flames display the enthusiasm for the soul mission they have and then pursue it using powers, determination and will.

They also use the masculine energies which they actually wield in order to have important effects on humanity’s vibrations. In pursuing this particular goal, they usually develop some incredible spiritual healing powers.

They influence others easily and bring them into the light in as large a number as they can. For them, it is everything about bringing a lot of individuals on board, in order to help to speed up the awakening and ascension process from right now, which happens on Earth.

The golden ray twin flames as ascended masters.

Ascended masters represent people that accomplished the highest levels of enlightenment or ascended to higher consciousness dimensions. They are figures such as Dalai Lama and Buddha.

Having a massive impact on humanity’s spiritual evolution by extending light and love to a great number of individuals is one of the things that they have in common. They actually did this using determination and iron will, and being uncompromising when accomplishing their missions.

Golden rays also share identical determination and divine, pursuing the missions of their souls, and going about it identically.

Signs of the golden ray twin flame.

We should try spotting these signs if we want to actually know whether our relationship with our twin flame is fitting the bill because of golden rays:

  • We are charitable, but we prefer to involve ourselves instead of giving money;
  • We believe that if we involve directly, we may have greater effects;
  • We think big. Using small increments to improve is not good enough for us;
  • We have to make a huge difference and be willing to always take risks in order to enforce some drastic changes;
  • We are both natural healers. Other people find it very helpful to spend time around us during dark times, while we are also nourished, as we help them to constantly heal themselves;
  • We feel definitely the strongest possible calling to our soul mission;
  • Nothing is going to stand in our way.

If this sounds like us or our partner, we are golden rays. But, if it doesn’t, there are some other color rays which we could better identify ourselves with.

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