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This Is What October Astrology Has In Store For You

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by Conscious Reminder

October 2021 astrology is going to be bringing all sorts of cosmic treats and tricks.

There are raging retrogrades, shifting energies, and the first big lunation of fall. These will all be significant chances to reset and clean the slate. No zodiac signs are going to be exempt from October’s astrological effects.

6th October: New Moon & Huge Libra Energy

October’s beginning weeks will be the majority of the 2021 Libra Season. This means our focus will be on finding balance as the seasons change, harmonizing our relationships, and building more robust interpersonal connections.

Mars, the action planet, and Mercury, the mental planet, will be amplifying the communication-oriented and diplomatic vibe. But there may be a few mixed signals we need to navigate due to the fall 2021 Mercury retrograde.

On 6th October, the airy energy of Libra will reach its climax because of the 2021 October New Moon.

This lunation will see Mars, Mercury, the moon, and the sun all cluster up in Libra. It will empower any fresh start in finding inner peace, pursuing romance, and strengthening partnerships.

Venus Enters Sagittarius Making Love Fortunate

On 7th October, Venus will leave Scorpio to enter Sagittarius. This astrological event makes everyone open their minds even more as well as increasing the optimism around values and love.

So this will be an amazing time to broaden romantic horizons while searching for new relationship experiences. Since lucky Jupiter rules Sagittarius, this journey of Venus will encourage us to be riskier and more adventurous when it comes to dating.

Retrograde Season Finally Ending

October’s first week will feel like walking on quicksand as six planets are all back spinning simultaneously. But on 6th October, Pluto retrograde will end as the Libra New Moon rises.

Together, they will make us feel a fresh start. On 18th October, Mercury and Jupiter will both be following suit. After this, logistics, communication, and thought processes should be much smoother.

20th October: The “Blood” Full Moon

On 20th October, the first fall full moon will be rising in bold Aries. This will be lighting up our goals and encouraging the leaders within us to step forward and shine. There will be several tense planetary connections during this full moon. So try avoiding drama and just go with the flow.

Another common name for the lunation is the “Hunter’s Moon”, or Sanguine Moon, or Blood Moon. This is a great time for planning a ritual for release and focusing on accommodating the true desires of your heart.

Scorpio Season’s Deep Emotions

Scorpio Season will start on 22nd/23rd October, depending on your timezone. The waters are dark and deep. Be prepared to search spiritual transformations, feel your emotions, and accept life’s mysteries.

On 30th October, Mars will also be entering Scorpio. This will encourage us to be a bit more competitive and stealthier when it comes to reaching goals. Mars entering Scorpio will be lighting up our heart’s desires and make us focus on achieving them. But be careful of burning any bridge as you try to reach the destination.

A Mystical & Spooky Halloween

The month ends on a mystical but spooky note. Halloween will happen on the same day as Samhain, a pagan holiday. Samhain is also known as the New Year for Witches. It is believed that on this day, the “veil” separating the realm of the dead and the living will be thinner.

As such, communicating with spirits and exploring other realms will be easier. Since both Mars and the Sun will be in watery Scorpio, it will be a perfect time for planning Halloween special witchy rituals.

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