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Intense Energies Will Be Sweeping The Planet Until The End Of October

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

There is a chance you have been feeling very agitated lately with no real reason for your restlessness. 

If so, it means that you are sensitive to the powerful astrological energies which have been flooding us from the past few days. This flow of energy will continue to have their effects for at least till the end of this month.

The cause for all this turbulence is that on the 19th, the New Moon was in Libra. The astrological event has caused a lot of push and pull in the energy seeking balance.

Though these energies might seem very taxing on your feelings and emotions, they are only here to help you by pushing you towards finding balance. If you feel restless and agitated, it is a sign that they are working upon you.

As these energies will continue to climb for the rest of the month, pay heed to your perception and action while they do their job. Don’t neglect your feelings and emotions.

They will begin to ebb during the month of November, leaving you fresh and prepared for the New Year. If you hold on tight and work with them till that time, you would be in luck.

It might seem a bit hard, since you feel your emotions are a wreck and you keep lashing out. Don’t get discouraged by the fact that you are feeling disassociated and fragmented; these energies are working towards rearranging everything so as to find balance.

Instead of worrying, focus on everything that you have wanted to achieve and start working hard to achieve them. Meditating a lot will help in controlling the outbreaks and at the same time will increase your focus.

Hang on tight, everything will work out for the better.

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