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Here Are 4 Ways To Shield Your Spiritual Life From Toxicity

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by Conscious Reminder

Those of us brave enough to embrace our spirituality often have to overcome many hurdles. Toxic energy is something we all deal with. But those on the spiritual path need to be extra cautious to protect themselves from it.

The power of kindness and love can overcome many problems but at times we have to look out for ourselves. We have to cut out the toxicity out of our lives and the ones who bring it.

Here Are 4 Ways To Shield Your Spiritual Life From Toxicity

1. No Negative Thoughts

The best place to start would be to let go of your own negativity. Take professional help or talk to a reliable friend. You can look up to some spiritual leader to help you with this too.

The negativity inside you must be expressed but not acted upon. So make sure you have someone to whom you can vent your thoughts, someone who will help you process them.

2. Remove Bad Energy Around You

We come across bad energy and have bad energy emanating from within. It could be our own bad karma, a curse, or some black magic. But we need to get rid of it. You can consult an expert to remove the effects of a curse or black magic.

It will give you a confidence boost to get past such negativity. It varies from person to person how they are affected by negativity. Nonetheless, it is important to always have protection from negative energy. They can harm you in ways you cannot even imagine.

3. Meditation Is A Great Tool

This is one spiritual practice that can carry us through the worst of times. It can be a traditional meditation session, prayers or any other form of communicating with the Universe. What it does is help us center ourselves and help us reach greater heights.

It may take you years to perfect meditation but the first step counts. Every step along the way counts. So take the first step, sit for a session, and communicate with the Universe. It will lead you to a better and protected spiritual life.

4. Embrace Nature

Working not just within, you need to work with the Universe too, to help it protect you from toxicity and negativity. When you are outdoors, in the lap of nature, you are directly communicating with the Universe.

Sit quietly under a tree, contemplate. Focus on the beauty of nature and you will see how the toxicity around you starts reducing.

It is not an easy task to get rid of toxicity when you are on a spiritual path. You have to keep your energies free of any negativity. And that will require quiet practice along with directed actions.

So keep focusing on the positives and communicate with the Universe!

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