3 Partners That Might Look Like Your Soul Mate, But They Are Not

by Conscious Reminder

We all know about the concept of Soul Mate, don’t we?

We all wish to meet our perfect counterpart. We all wait for it.

But, well, the thing is that you won’t meet your Soul Mate when it is convenient for you. The Universe has decided who your Soul Mate is and the Universe decides when you are going to meet them. So try as you might, cry as much as you can (after every heartbreak); you won’t meet your Soul Mate according to your whims and fancies.

Also, you have to understand that you will only meet your Soul Mate once you have learnt the lessons that you have to learn in order to lead a better life with your soul mate. So, you will meet people and have relationships but there shall only be one Soul mate. Here we bring to you the 3 partners that you could mistake to be your Soul mates but aren’t:

1. The Crushes:

Well, all of us have had so many crushes. From celebrities to friends, we all have had crushes on many people in our life. A crush feels like this fuzzy feeling which is described as the cliché butterflies in the stomach. But, every time you have a crush, you might tend to feel that this is the one; this is the Soul mate that you have been searching all along but the truth is that the crush is a crush and nothing else. The thing about a crush is that it makes you feel unstable and emotionally charged. On the other hand, a Soul mate will calm you down and make you feel that you are grounded and you have an anchor. A Soul mate doesn’t feel like a rush of hormones; a Soul mate feels like the cool breeze that will calm you down. So, don’t confuse Soul mate with the crushes. Don’t.

2. Getting attracted to the Opposite kind:

Well, there is another cliché that we come across which is that opposites attract. Huh! Yes, opposites attract but this doesn’t mean that every time you meet someone who is opposite to you, it is going to be your Soul mate. We get attracted to people who are different from us because we are intrigued by them and we want to know about them but this isn’t a case of you falling in love and living happily ever after. Sometimes, your Soul mate may also not be that ‘different’ from you. So, stop thinking that everyone who is belongs to the opposite kind category is your Soul mate.

4. Family Induced:

Yes, family as a structure has an impact on the choices we make for our partners. We choose partners according to what our family projects on us and therefore we meet people who are somehow the people our family wants us to meet. We tend to see these people as perfect and we tend to assume that they seem perfect because they are our Soul mates. The truth is that that choice is engineered by our family within us at a subconscious level. Don’t be misguided by it.

So, if you are on the lookout for your Soul mate, don’t be overwhelmed when you meet the above three.

Also, stay steady on your search. You will surely find your Soul mate soon.

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