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The Shadow Within: Meaning And Ways To Control It

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Carl Jung, a psychoanalyst and psychiatrist, had a very unique outlook to the concept of both evil and good co-existing in humans.

According to Jung, we cannot just wipe off the existence of the darker shades within us. Humans are always susceptible to the bad and negative energies around us. And internally too, we carry multiple negative hormones within us. Jung called this darkness within the “Shadow”.

Jung wrote: “Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is.”

Our ego makes us believe in only the good within and distracts from the very true existence of darkness in us. But often certain situations bring out this darkness, in the forms of resentment or anger.

Our defenses automatically go up when we suffer a failure or when someone unexpectedly blames us. Guilt, confusion, and fear crop up in order to “protect” the unrealistic ego.

Ego makes us justify our actions, no matter how wrong we are. And soon the conscious mind pushes the issue under the rug to help us minimize its effect on the ego.

Neuroscientists some years ago came to realize that the thoughts in humans have certain frequencies. They in turn greatly influence our behavior. Good or bad, both are parts of our behavior.

This vulnerability always existed but was repressed in the Shadow. So any chance it gets to show its evil head, we are left with negative emotions which occur from triggering experiences. The way our Dark side represses these emotions basically dictates our relationship with the self.

The world is a reflection of our inner minds. For the ones who are brimming with love and positivity, this inner state is reflected in the surroundings. But if we are able to notice only the chaos and destruction in the world, it points to the inner turmoils we carry.

If we don’t accept the darkness within, we will forever be its captive. Every non-confronted Shadow has the burning desire to control and exert power on others. Their insecurity and internal imbalance lead to their need for external supremacy.

When the Shadow’s grip is too strong, our inner turbulences are exposed to the world. Psychology says in order to retain a healthy body and mind, we have to face our Shadow. We must sublimate it and free it.

Achieving unity of the self depends on our ability to confront our own evils. The ego will always meddle with your efforts to confront the Shadow but you must carry on. Introspection is key.

The best way to get started is to keep mental notes of the negative emotions that arise within. Learn to control your dark side when you reach its root. Channelize the negative into positive emotions to help you reach a higher self.

As soon as you acknowledge your insecurities and vulnerabilities, you can come up with ways to deal with them. These negative emotions will lose their control over you.

You can thus turn your Shadow into an ally to conquer your own thoughts. When your thoughts positively affect your energy, it can expand your consciousness. But the ones which lower the energy will contract your consciousness.

In short, learn to control your thoughts, reflect on them, and then channelize them in a positive manner. This will lead to an ascension of the self. Stay conscious. Stay happy.

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