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Who’s Guardian Angel Menadel?

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by Conscious Reminder

Menadel is a guardian angel and the work angel too. The name of this angel means The Honorable God. Menadel belongs in the group of the so-called Seraphims, in Jewish culture.

Archangel Kamael rules him. However, in the culture of Christians, he is part of the so-called Virtues. Archangel Haniel is the ruler of the Virtues.

Menadel is also the ruler of work. However, he can be said to be the angel related to altruism, vocation, cooperation, and helpfulness. He is best known as Divine factory’s foreman.

Menadel is also the angel that may help you find a job which will best suit you. He will even help you adapt to situations or jobs. Menadel also facilitates some inner work.

This guardian angel will permit you to find freedom and truth by working. He will help you and other people to understand what work means.

He is also helpful in getting the willpower you need in order to begin working or help you see your true potential. Moreover, he will fill you with the dedication to every single thing that you do.

This guardian angel protects the people that are born somewhere between the 18th and 23rd of September.

Those who are lucky enough and are born during this period will have their lives and personalities influenced by the amazing Menadel.

They are people with great willpower. They are confident and wise. Their dedication to work will turn them into perfectionists.

They consider respect as something they instantly earn because of their business abilities. Menadel’s presence in their lives will turn them into independent and optimistic individuals.

They highly value honesty and truth. Moreover, they do not have big confidence when it comes to religion; however, they believe in God, of course.

They have a really strong faith. However, they are very stubborn too. Asking for some help is their last chance, even when it comes to asking for small help from their guardian angel.

Those who aren’t born during this guardian angel’s influential period can still enjoy the presence of him in their lives.

He is going to teach them how they can value their job. He will also bring devotion and love for their work.

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