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Pluto Is Direct: It’s Time To Look Within And Connect With Your Inner Self

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by Conscious Reminder

After about 6 long months, dear Pluto has finally turned Direct on 2nd October. On 24th April 2019, we saw Pluto turning Retro but now Capricorn at 20° welcomes the Direct station.

Pluto’s been in Capricorn for over 10 years now and there is no sign of it moving ahead before 2023. This distant planet takes its sweet time to move but its presence in this Earth sign is nearing its end.

Pluto is the ruler of death, power, rebirth, and the dark side of all humans and objects. The Lord of the Underworld represents the higher levels of our consciousness and is always there to oversee our transformations.

This power planet makes sure its energy reverberates through us. Working in the depths of the soul, Pluto weaves its magic and pervades its effects.

This planet turns Retrograde every year but every Retrograde cycle, its power increases. It uses its Retro motion to send us greater knowledge and wisdom. If you look back to the events of April 2019, you will find themes that easily resonate with Pluto.

Be it the resurfacing of tricky situations or rebirth in terms of understanding and perspective, it was Pluto’s planning all along. Some may have been challenged to review their power dynamics while others were made aware of previously unconscious thoughts.

But it would do you good to review your life since April as the challenges are about to repeat themselves. As the planet shifts to Direct motion, you will have queries about things that you have worked on since April. You must be ready now to move on from them and prepare for greater wisdom.

Before the Lord of the Underworld can leave Capricorn, it will be interacting with the Lord of Karma, aka Saturn. Both will be aligning in Capricorn in the first month of 2020 and they will spread their vibes throughout the year.

This Direct station this month will be serving as a trailer for what to expect in the coming year. The combination will be potent so try to gauge the changes that will be happening from this month.

Apart from the Pluto-Saturn combo, the immediate effects of this Direct motion will be felt in relationships. Libra season already has marked the theme of relationships pretty prominently for the first half of October.

The day Pluto turned Direct, Venus was very active as well. Venus is the planet that loves relationships and now these two are at a hard angle.

These two may play tricks on you and your relationships. But remember to channelize your energy inwards instead of focusing on others’ actions. Find the things triggering you and how you can learn and grow from these situations.

Pluto will help you reclaim your powers and remember your true worth. You will be able to rise above the petty situations and locate your truth. You can gain true power only when you acknowledge both the good and bad within. You will be working from the heart now.

As Pluto helps you search the depths of your soul, accept what you find. Acknowledgment and acceptance of the Shadow will help you move forward with greater prowess.

Don’t be shy about your dark side. We all have shades darker than grey within us. No one likes to show it off and we all try to keep it below the surface. But Pluto serves to remind us to harness its powers to become the whole: good and bad. This will lead to personal growth and evolution.

Pluto’s Direct station will make us take stock of the present and prepare for the future. Though its energy is strong this October, the greater effects will only be felt once it moves out of Capricorn in 2023.

Pluto is not done with us any time soon. October is here to prepare us for this long haul. Don’t be afraid, just embrace your true self.

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