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This Is How You Can Deal With All The Spiritual Pessimists In Your Life

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We all know how important spirituality is in our lives…

It is the deepest connection that a soul experiences and it is absolutely different from the connections we experience in this material world. Spiritual connection nourishes the soul and makes the soul reach ultimate happiness and solace.

Needless to say, spiritual connection is required in order to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

But there are two problems that occur when we strive for a spiritual connection. The first is that while yearning for a spiritual connection we may come across people who are not active in the spiritual domain. The second is that you may come across spiritual pessimists who will try to affect you with their negative thoughts and views.

We will talk about these spiritual pessimists at length now. They are the kind of people who aren’t happy with the fact that you are spiritually growing. They feel inconvenient and hence they try to stop you from going further on your path. They do this by creating negative energy around you. Thus, they try to snatch your peace and comfort in order to make you feel miserable because they themselves are not happy with their own lives.

Here’s how you should deal with a spiritual pessimist:

1. They won’t understand, no matter what:

The thing is that people barely understand each other these days. We live in a world where a serious communication breakdown is taking place. So, firstly we should not be expecting everyone around us to understand us. More so, never think that the spiritual pessimist will ever understand you. This is also due to the fact that the path you have chosen for yourself cannot be understood by the spiritual pessimist. They are still on a journey that is very, very disparate from yours.

2. Don’t justify your actions to them:

Never justify your actions to a spiritual pessimist. This is because they have already formulated an opinion about you that is premised on their bias and prejudices. The spiritual pessimist is so stubborn that no matter what you say to change the opinion that they have made about you, they are not going to change their opinion, not even a jot. They will continue to think what they want to think about you and not a single action of yours can change that. So, the better thing is to not waste your energy in justifying your actions. Instead, walk on your path and don’t worry about them.

3. Meditation might help you:

Meditation will give you the much required peace and comfort. It will also give you energy to fight with the negative energy of the spiritual pessimist. Meditation will help you see things in a different perspective and this will make you happier than before. This will also help you on your spiritual journey. So, meditate if you can. If not, even a walk in nature might help you.

4. Have a conversation with your healer or spiritual partner:

Talk to your healer or your spiritual partner. They must have gone through the same at some point of time in their journey. They will surely have the solution to your problem.

Don’t let the spiritual pessimist affect your spiritual journey. Focus on yourself and try to stay calm and composed around the naysayers. 

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