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10 Steps To Becoming An Upgraded Version Of Yourself

by consciousreminder
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by Sandra Larson
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

Resistance to changes is a normal reaction that comes from subconscious anticipation that changes can be hard, challenging, or bad.

Humans try to stick to the routine, which ensures satisfaction of their basic needs and ensures socially accepted living standards. 

For example, many people will never start their businesses because of the fear of loss. They would prefer working in the clerk position in the office, getting fixed salaries for a certain amount of work and no risks. They are driven by fears.

However, there are those who would seek opportunities and find them. It does not mean that they are not afraid of losses, but their enthusiasm is stronger than their resistance to changes and comfort zone.

Hesitation and fears are okay. Making a mistake and learning from it are also okay. Being reluctant and afraid of leaving your comfort zone is not.

Therefore, every person driven by changes and enthusiasm should work hard and seek self-improvement. Here are several steps that would motivate you to become the best version of yourself and help you reach your goals and ambitions.

1. Be goal-driven

In order to keep yourself focused on constant advancement, choose the next three goals or projects you intend to complete in a certain time period. Be realistic. Define the goals and think about how you can make them manageable. It is a good idea to break them into smaller pieces for them to seem more reachable.

2. Identify what you need to complete these goals

There can be different obstacles preventing you from reaching your goals. Some people would find out that their educational gaps prevent them from succeeding, others would experience a lack of confidence and support, while the rest would blame scarce resources for their failure.

There will always be things that would motivate you as well as other things that would discourage you. Naming them helps in defining the ways of how to deal with them.

3. Develop Strategies to Bridge These Gaps

Whatever stops you can be dealt with. It just takes time and willingness. Be enthusiastic, search for educational resources that provide affordable help online for you.

Devote all of your time, including walking or watching movies, to finding solutions that can bring your goals closer to you. Pay attention to the opportunities that you may find along the way. They may help you in reaching your goals even faster than you expected.

4. Decide what personality traits you need to have to reach your goals

Think what skills and qualities you need to exhibit to attract good people that would help you in reaching your goals. Do you need to be empowered, confident, driven, self-assured?

Build your personal image and establish rapport with people who fit your perspective. Join forces with motivated and aspiring leaders. Good people form half of any venture’s success.

5. Visualize

This tip is not only about the Universe that helps you if you visualize your goals in detail. It is about the necessity to see both challenges and opportunities on the way to your goal.

Spend some time visualizing how you become a better you, how you attain goals and what feelings you experience along the way. It serves as a motivation for further growth and development as well as helps in identifying hurdles and cornerstones.

6. Do not be afraid of accepting help from other people

Asking for help is not a synonym of weakness. On the contrary, this is a manifest of your will and power. The most successful people relied on the help of others along their way to their goals.

There is nothing bad in accepting that you need somebody to get you through difficult times or a complex decision-making process.

7. Do not count the hours

Do not think of the time spent. Yes, reaching your goals is not an easy task. It takes time and efforts. Instead of looking back, try to concentrate on future endeavors and accomplishments.

The only thing that you are allowed to do is to compare the previous version of you and the present one. These positive changes should make you keep going.

8. Stop looking for a trick that would help you

Working on your habits and lifestyle, sometimes changing them regardless of your inner-self, is a challenge. However, this is a prerogative of reaching your ambitious goals.

Therefore, do it steadily, but do not expect a secret trick that would ease the process. You are responsible for all changes happening with you along your way to a better version of you.

9. Make peace with your vision on the best version of yourself

In reaching your goals, you will meet many people who would change your perspective on how you should act and who you should be. Focus on what you think about yourself. Determine the principles that you should follow at any cost and make peace with the image of yourself that should remain constant.

Your ethics and morality, people skills, understanding, and motivation, are among many other things that form who you are. Thus, allow changes only if they come from your vision rather than anybody else’s.

10. Help other people along the way

You may not see dramatic changes in yourself, but you will definitely see them in people you work with. Therefore, make an impact on other people that happen on your path, and you will find out how much you have changed yourself.

The lasting connections you will build from helping others will greatly benefit you in your future endeavors.

About the Author: Sandra Larson is a writer who started her writing career in 2012 and has never looked back. She is very passionate about writing. Sandra makes sure that the content and assignments she writes are true, and which is why she does detailed research into each topic she writes about. Her other interests include reading, traveling, and volunteering for charity events.

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