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Don’t Let Your Fear Of Relationships Get In The Way Of Your Happiness

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

If you feel like your love life is constantly crashing and burning, you’re in the right place.

I have a hard time with relationships. I’m always worrying that I might cause someone else pain or end up heartbroken myself.

Sometimes the very idea that I could hurt someone who has done nothing but love me causes a paralyzing fear in me. The same goes for the idea that I might feel that pain one day.

Besides the very real fear of pouring yourself into a relationship only to have it all go to waste, anxiety can create a number of problems.

It can manifest in several ways and can escalate from over thinking to palpitations for even trivial issues.

In the recent past, I’ve struggled with quite a few of these problems. I think too much, I’m confused and I’m always scared.

You might be worrying over some imaginary conflict with your partner or when you’re going to make a mistake or your mental health issues could push your partner away.

There are so many problems but let me remind you that you have not hit rock bottom by any means.

When you’re plagued with doubt, don’t keep it all in. Have an honest conversation with your partner rather than answering your own questions.

If you can’t work up the courage to talk to your partner, talk to a good friend or even your mother. A lot of what you think as “issues” will simply disappear once you’ve had a chance to discuss them.

Never allow anxiety to overwhelm you. Mostly your significant other will be more than happy to help you when you are worried about something.

Give them a chance to see what is going on in your mind rather than letting them grope blindly in the dark.

Trust me, there are many others out there who go through the same struggle every single day.

Every person who has ever been in a relationship has had to deal with these things at least one time. Remember that this is a very common problem so don’t let it get to you.

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