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You Can Expect These 7 Things Only From Your Bestie

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Perhaps it is the rarest commodity on earth. We talk of friendship as something bought off the shelf and it is a much-bandied word.

But then it is the rarest of relationships and also the hardest to maintain. Is it any wonder that our friends keep changing all our lives?

A Few Remain Forever

They happen to be our soul mates on top of being our friends. And the reason is not that they are ever-present beside us physically, or that they understand us better than even we understand ourselves. They are the ones whose company we always crave because they keep us happy. They also never evaluate or criticize but accept us for what we are.

1. You Always Open Up.

You can confide your darkest secrets to your best friend and be assured that you will never be judged for it. They will accept it as a part of you and will not take offense at your honesty. Even though the reality is never soothing, your friends will realize that it is your love for them that has led you to be completely honest with them.

2. Your Second Home

Their home is your second home, perhaps even your first; such is the level of comfort you find there. And the reverse is also true. You are a member of their family.

3. Sharing Is Caring

A sure sign of true friendship is that you share your things. There is not even a need to ask, because your friend will know your possessions are there to be shared. But more than the physical ones it is the secrets you share that are the most precious. They are meant to be something between you both and never to be shared with a third person. You would never be a snitch.

4. They Love You In Spite Of…

They might be privy to the darkest recesses of your mind but you can rest assured that they will never reveal it. They have seen you at your worst but accepted you. You are indeed lucky.

5. Always A Call Away

A true friend shares much more than a drink. They are there to share your moments of despair and loneliness. They are just a call away whenever you need them, no questions asked.

6.  They Tolerate You

Your wayward ways and your stupid question are just a part of your friendship. They are as much your friend in your darkest hours as they are your true friends in moments of frivolity and gaiety. Your most idiotic questions are treated with care and given the right amount of respect.

7. Special Nicknames

You only have special and exclusive names for those who are extremely close to you. Everyone has that stupid childhood nickname and only your best friend is privy to it and is also allowed to use it.

There are a host of other things that perhaps only your best friends are allowed and these seven are just random selection but important nonetheless. True friends are indeed hard to find and difficult to abandon.

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