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The Hidden Signs Of Depression That Even Depressed People May Not Be Aware Of

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by Conscious Reminder

Depression is not sadness. It is a serious medical condition that can affect how a person thinks or perceives the world around them.

Sometimes, people with depression can’t quite express what it is. They just feel numb and hollow inside. The problem is since depression is a mental condition, it tends to hide quite easily.

It does not have proper physical manifestations and since society has equated depression with sadness, many people don’t take it seriously. Unfortunately, even depressed people may not realize that they are depressed.

Here are some signs of depression that many depressed people ignore:

1. Lacking Energy

You may not have the energy to do anything. When you wake up, you do not have any motivation to stand up and work. You just want to lie there.

2. Irritation

Since we do not know we are depressed, it tends to show with our mood swings. We become irritated at little things and get angry. We understand we are struggling with our emotions and regret it later on. But we just can’t help it.

3. Bored

Nothing seems to excite you anymore. You just want to get out of your world and do something. But then, you have zero motivation. You just sit in the same place and wonder.

4. Searching For The True Meaning

You are feeling bored and you lack purpose. You feel like you have nowhere to go. As a result, you look at others and try to find out what their purpose is. In their meanings, you try to find your own meaning.

5. Drug Abuse

You try to drown your emptiness with drugs. You might use mild drugs or even alcohol but it is only helping you for a short time. But you want to return to that intoxicated state and so, you start taking it more and more, becoming addicted to them.

6. Faking Happiness

You don’t want to show that you are depressed or sad. Hence, you try to force a smile on your face and present yourself as happy to the world outside.

7. You Eat Too Much Or None At All

Sometimes, you want to fill your emptiness with food. So, you eat a lot to feel fuller. Or maybe, you don’t want to eat anything. So, your fresh food eventually becomes leftover and rots away.

8. Stress

While you don’t show it but your stress levels are through the roof. You are quite overwhelmed with the negativity you have acquired and are numbed by it. You wish there was some kind of help outside.

9. Optimism

Optimism is no longer your friend. You see the dark side of things always. Your mindset on things is to analyze the negative side of it. You give up easily as you know that things don’t change.

10. Sleeping Habits Change

Your sleeping patterns have undergone certain changes. You might sleep late and wake up earlier. Or maybe your sleep throughout the night will be quite erratic. So, you feel exhausted all the time.

11. Physical pain

When your depression becomes too much, it can manifest itself as physical pain. Backaches and headaches are common for depressed people. It might be due to the invisible stress that they are carrying.

12. Lack of concentration

You cannot concentrate on things easily. Your mind finds it difficult to focus on anything and so, you end up moving in different directions.

If you are facing most of these problems, maybe it’s time to go to a therapist. Do not leave depression to yourself – talk to someone. There is help available.

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