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Least And Most Affected Zodiac Signs By December’s Cold Full Moon

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by Conscious Reminder

The end of the year might be just around the corner, but it is not here yet!

Before that, we have to deal with the “Cold” Full Moon that is coming up on December 18th. It will take place in shapeshifting Gemini, and it will be a reality check regarding communication skills.

For the signs that are going to be heavily impacted, you should prepare for some hard and even unpleasant discussions. But remember that they are here to make you grow.

Here are the 4 signs that will be most affected:


During this lunation, you may feel more comfortable sitting back and reflecting on how much you have grown this year.

The full moon in December will underline the need to find more rooted self-awareness when it comes to yourself as well as your next destination. The key will be to listen to your intuition, look at the facts, and see the bigger picture.


You will be under overwhelming pressure if you are trying to maintain a perfect public image. So get ready to feel like all the eyes are on you.

This lunation is going to encourage thinking deeper about your work life along with your spiritual meaning. So, the nights may be better spent inside to reflect on those themes.


Get ready for some hard and cold truths being revealed regarding your relationships’ quality. The advice here will be to pace yourself and commit to nourishing those friendships that left a positive impact on you.

For the ones that are limiting you, this will be the time to change them. This will be the time to have those important conversations that you have been avoiding with your partner.


The lunation can feel very personal as family confrontations and physical matters in your real home. If there are important conversations that are needed with the family, then have them.

Ask yourself if you feel good regarding the present condition of your home. If the answer is no, then this will be the time to adjust some things to have the home you want.

The full moon in December will be easier for some other signs, however.

It will actually be a little pick-me-up with some blessings of healthy communication, creativity, and curiosity for these 3 signs:


You will find yourself to be a lot chattier since you will be connecting with the social butterfly within you. Take full advantage of the confidence boost and speak your truth. It will also help you start acting out those big ideas that have been resting in your pockets.

It will also be a great chance for traveling or having some good year-end conversations with those in your age group. There might be some new ideas coming your way as well during this lunation.


You might feel a deeper connection with the community during this lunation. Make full use of the boost in socializing as it will be closely followed by December 19th’s Venus retrograde.

The retrograde will be dramatizing your closest relationships. The lunation might also make you realize that something you have always wanted has already been achieved or accomplished. Be prepared to celebrate all this!


The December Full Moon is bringing some creative vibes to you, and it will gleefully push you to get some quality playtime.

Gemini, another air sign, will influence you positively by hyping up your unconventional ideas. This will be the time when you might find yourself reconnecting with the child within you as well as a romantic interest or an actual child.  

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