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“The Veil Is Thin” – Discover What It Means And Why It’s Important

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Here in the U.S., those studying all things spiritual know that the veil is thin closest to Samhain.

The connection to our world and the supernatural grows stronger during this time, but what exactly is the veil?

Why does it matter if it becomes thinner or not?

Keep reading, because you’re about to discover why.

The Veil

This term refers to the ethereal curtain that separates our physical world from what some would call the realm of magic.

It is a thin shield that stops many from tapping into the powers that lay beyond our mortal world, a drapery hanging over the mystery and wonder of the eternally divine that connects all things.

You might think of it as the dividing point between seen and unseen, known and unknown, or time-bound and timeless. In simpler words, it makes the place between worlds invisible to most.

If you practice magic or are someone who possesses psychic abilities, then your mystical experiences allow you to catch a peek behind the veil once in a while.

This could come in the form of clairvoyance or simply protecting yourself by energetic means. Whatever it is you do to attune yourself with the other side, you’ve crossed the veil while doing it.

Why The Veil Thins

As Samhain approaches, the Wheel of the Year naturally thins the connection between this world and the next.

The days are getting shorter, and the natural world is preparing to withdraw from the realm of life and growth as the trees begin to shed their leaves and the cold, stillness of winter sets in.

This change reminds us that we are all in tune with the afterlife and that it is simply another part of life itself.

This is why you will see accompanying symbolism around October.

Black cats, who are naturally more in tune with the beyond, are a major Halloween theme.For instance, the theme of death is everywhere from skull-faced pumpkins to everyone’s love for scary movies.

Magic and witchcraft are also important motifs during this time, as they should be.

Why Is This An Important Event?

If you are naturally in tune with the supernatural, then you will find yourself even more so when the veil is thin.

Spiritual sightings and interactions may increase, your abilities of perception or clairsentience may heighten.

Some find it easier to communicate with loved ones beyond the grave, an ability celebrated by Dia de Los Muertos.

Others might find themselves or their home more open to spiritual visitors and energies.

This openness is magical, but there are a few important precautions to take if you are more in touch with the spiritual realm.

Preparing for the Thinning

This time can be overwhelming and often seem frightening to many. To keep yourself sane, you might want to get into the following habits.

1) Grounding Stones

Carrying around natural grounding stones like onyx or smoky quartz helps your energy to stay rooted and focused.

This will help you feel less out of control during the day, as well as reel any wild dreams you may having be having back into something a little saner.

2) Cleanse Your Space

If the idea of spiritual visitors gives you the heebie-jeebies, then you might want to cleanse your space with sage.

You can pick up a white sage smudge stick from nearly any location that sells herbs. Alternatively, lavender incense and sage oil make a great vibration settling combo.

3) Honor the Dead

Samhain is all about remembering and honoring those who have passed behind the veil.

Set up a space in your home that honors loved ones with pictures or mementos, and include a little something to let other spirits know they are honored in death as well.\

4) Sleep!

This time can be exhausting for the spiritually sensitive.

Getting ample sleep is an important part of staying strong and keeping yourself sane during the lifting of the veil. It might not be the easiest thing around Halloween, but it will help you tremendously.

5) Drink Water

It sounds overly simple, but water is a cleansing agent to our bodies.

If you feel overwhelmed around this time of year, then clear out toxic energies and ground yourself by staying hydrated.

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