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Sagittarius New Moon On December 18th, 2017 – Get Ready For A Long-Term Commitment

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by Conscious Reminder

This December 18th the New Moon rises in Sagittarius at 26 degrees; flaunted on one side by Saturn and on the other by Venus.

And saving this combination from becoming tragic is the Uranus trine. This time is ripe for making serious changes in your life. And there will be no harsh break from the past which is usual in such situations. So you can finally have your cake and eat it too. It is also a very good time to meet a new partner and be in a serious committed relationship. You should utilize this time by bringing in more positivity.


This New Moon is under the influence of three planets. Venus and Uranus trine combine to fight off the negative influence of Saturn which is more powerful owing to its proximity.

The Influence Of Saturn

Saturn gives this New Moon a somber and serious tone. It calls for action and taking on responsibilities. Though there is a chance of fear and such negative emotions to be abound as well, they are more or less counter acted upon by Venus. This time is ripe for bringing serious changes in your life which will have a positive influence for you from now on. Work on your efficiency and you will see increased productivity. This is a good time to set the foundation for a better life with your hard work and determination.

The Influence Of Venus

The presence of Venus makes it a good time for love and being loved. But this love would not be flitting, and flirtatious. It would be of the serious kind all thanks to Saturn. Your relationships will get a boost during this time and if you are single, it is a good time to find a partner. And you will not just pick anyone, your heart will know when you are genuinely attracted towards someone and they reciprocate. There might be some hindrances like distance but if you can learn to overcome them, then there is a good chance that a relationship formed during this New Moon will stand the test of time.

Trine Uranus

Uranus is responsible for bringing in all the fun. You will enjoy trying new things and expanding your horizons. You will attract enigmatic people and there would be an overall spirit of abandon and adventure. This thrill of seeking adventure would be present even in the bedroom. There is also a chance you might develop sudden interest in money matters. The time is good for you to take some calculated risk, but don’t overdo anything.

This New Moon is especially welcome because all the extreme influences of Saturn and Venus work together and cancel each other out enough for you to enjoy the more positive aspect of both.

Venus means that it is a good time for your love life to flourish and Saturn ensures that your hard work is rewarded. You will also be lucky in the matters of money. It is the perfect time to move forward in your life without completely cutting your ties with the past.

What more can you ask for?

Inspired by an amazing piece by AstrologyKing

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