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This Is How The First Aquarius Full Moon This Summer Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

You might have been still having a terrible hangover after an activity-filled June.

Now, on 23rd July’s Aquarius New Moon, you will be emotionally processing a great amount of all that has happened. It may leave you feeling irritable, weird, and wired. Here are more details on how it will affect the different zodiacs.


The July Full Moon is in your networking’s eleventh house. So it will be the time to lay down your arms and bring an end to any drama that is present between you and your friends or coworkers.


The Full Moon will be activating your career’s tenth house. So there might be some frustrations over not getting your deserved recognition. But this will instead fuel your desire to find new definitions and meanings for success.


Your adventure’s ninth house will be lit up this July Full Moon. As a result, you might find yourself frustrated over being unable to return to the everyday happening routine that takes you all over the globe. But this will possibly be an inspiration for you to find new and different ways of nurturing your curiosity.


The July Full Moon falls in your emotional bonds’ eighth house. As a result, you will have to face and find the resolve to work your way through wounds with very deep roots. It might be time to open your heart to the significant other or any other loved ones.


The July Full Moon is taking place only a day after Leo Season 2021 starts. It lies in your partnership’s seventh house. Be careful, since tensions might run high with your close friend, business partner, or significant other. During this time, you have to find a way to balance their needs and your final goal, so that the two of you can understand each other.


This Full Moon falls in your wellness’ sixth house. But it is also at an awkward angle with social Venus. So you will be facing challenges when it comes to self-care, and it will set boundaries for health. You may get the sign to put what you want first, even if you want to help those around you.


With the full moon rising in your self-expression and romance fifth house, it can be difficult to talk about what your heart holds. Keep some time to have fun, and be spontaneous. It might be beneficial to let go of any set visions.


Your home life’s fourth house will be lit up by this Full Moon. So you may have to face tensions regarding loved ones or household issues that you have been putting off for a while. There can be some solid healing if those are tackled head-on now.


Your communication’s third house will be activated. So social life will be getting amplified. Your desire to learn may push you towards burnout, as well. You will realize what is worth agreeing to.


The Full Moon will be illuminating your income’s second house. It might be aggravating to not see the financial returns of all the grueling labor. You can find a new helpful perspective if you care for your spiritual self, as well stepping out of your comfort zone.


This is the Aquarius Full Moon, so you will be much more sensitive. But you may feel like you don’t have the support for making big objectives a reality. An empowered, centered outlook can be triggered by looking at emotional wounds.


It is time to take a day for mental health since the July full moon lies in your spirituality’s twelfth house. But it might be difficult because of your everyday responsibilities. Just keep checking every box.

The Aquarius full moon will put your relationships in the spotlight. Also, Venus will keep your focus on stress from relationships. You may have to make the most of being stuck in this time.  

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