This Is How The Sagittarius Full Moon Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

by Conscious Reminder

On 17th June, the Full Moon will come in Sagittarius. The Sun will stay in Gemini and so, your wit will remain heavily invested.

However, if you have some things that are left undone, this is the time when you start to complete them. Complete that sports project and go for the vacation you wanted to go during this month.

But you have to be a bit careful too – Neptune is going to influence this Full Moon. That means, you might end up with a few delusions in your head.

Plus, the expansive Jupiter will be squaring Neptune, making you overly idealistic. You might end up taking stupid decisions during this period.

However, the Full Moon brings us the truth – however, hard it might be. You might even be full of tears when you confront the truth, but then, these tears will only mend your heart in the end.

Here is how the Full Moon will treat you according to your Zodiac:


You have to understand what is your part in a complex situation. You need to evolve in it. Do not live in a world of delusion. You are not helping others – not even yourself.


People are showing you their true colors and that’s making you uncomfortable. You would rather disconnect. Well, you have always wanted to search for the best that people have. If you find it inadequate, go solo.


Many people have let you down. You may have left them but they might try to charm you to bring them back in your life. Be cautious. You have been disappointed a lot of time. Do not let your guard down even if you forgive them.


You do not want to argue with anyone. Rather, you would keep away from any kind of drama. Follow what your instincts say – do something extraordinary if you have to. Don’t try to indulge in something others tell you to.


Your finances should be on point. Try to make a budget – pay off your debts based on time. Don’t be profligate. Then, you will be digging your own grave.


You may want to win an argument but you do not have to, now, do you? You must step away from situations where cruel words are thrown at you. You don’t have to be part of anyone’s stupidity.


Others may not have been honest with you all the time. Well, the lunar energy will take away the veil from the truth and reveal something to you. You will gain clarity in your vision.


You may want to assert yourself, but be wary – it might end up breaking people’s heart. Measure your words before speaking. Remember, you are a Scorpion – your strikes are poisonous. Be careful what you do.


You have several outside issues that need your time. You need to step out of the limelight and start mending relationships. But that is only building up more and more friction. To really smoothness things up, let the lunar energy reveal what’s the best path to take.


Your fears will raise you to a new level of spiritual consciousness. You just need to look within and start healing. Don’t be afraid of your inner abyss – you have light in your hands. Explore.


Your friends may not like your crush and so, now you have to tackle between the two. You are in a crossfire but you have to establish strong boundaries. Love can make you biased, but don’t lose your friends over it. Think and act – analyze the situation properly.


A project is almost finished. Now, you have to use your creative energy in some other place. The world has so many things – pick any one. Remember, the world is your oyster.

The Full Moon is not all great but it will reveal a large part of your hidden self. Confront it and accept it – it is who you are after all. Best of luck.

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