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New Moon In Pisces, March 2nd, 2022 Brings A Sigh Of Relief

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A sweet, sweet New Moon in Pisces will arrive on March 2, 2022 to bring a little calm, creativity and expansion into your life. You can breathe a sigh of relief as this is one of the first moons—new or full—with nothing but good vibes.

It’s time to set some intentions, without the usual resistance. Are you ready to tap into your greatest dreams?

An invitation to focus on your creativity, dreams and inner wisdom comes with this New Moon in Pisces. It’s time to dig deep, meditate if you need to, and allow yourself to dream. As one of the most magical new moons of the year, it’s an opportunity to take a leap of faith, with the universe fully supporting you.

Remember, every 28 days we are gifted with a magical new moon. New moons carry within them a unique window of time that allows us to more easily share our intentions with the universe. It’s almost as if the veil that separates this reality from the magic of the universe we don’t yet understand comes down a bit, allowing our words, thoughts and intentions to flow through with little resistance.

During this New Moon in Pisces, this is even more true. Pisces energy is all about connecting with all that’s beyond the veil. It’s about taking the time to explore your inner world in ways that you haven’t before! It’s about trusting your dreams, and  understanding that you can achieve them simply because they exist. The universe doesn’t allow you dreams that are unattainable.

You have the opportunity to plant the seeds to manifest a new life for yourself.

Jupiter close by this New Moon in Pisces magnifies, amplifies and expands on this energy. Uranus is also in the mix, sending high vibes to the new moon and cooking up some unique opportunities for you. And with Saturn and Pluto making no aspects to the new moon, we won’t have to work as hard to access this magic. Many of the outer planets have been throwing shade at the new and full moons over the last few months—and as a result, we’ve had to work hard to manifest change in our lives. But this ends now!

If you could create anything you wish, snap your fingers and your world would magically morph, what would this new life look like? Under this glorious new moon, you have the opportunity to plant the seeds to manifest a new life for yourself. The only question is, can you suspend your doubts and fears long enough to trust the universe to deliver?

You have to be open to good things for the universe to provide them, and this is especially true for those born with planets between 7 and 17 degrees of Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces. Due to these placements, this new moon will be sending you beams of love and support. With this in mind, be sure to stay open and receptive to whatever comes your way during the days leading up to and after March 2.

To the other zodiac signs, fear not—this new moon will still be lighting you up. You should remain open to opportunities as well, but make sure you are setting aside time to tune into your inner wisdom and ensure you follow its guidance. 

Affirmations for each of the zodiac signs:

Here’s a list of mindful affirmations to assist you during this Pisces New Moon. Do use both your Sun and Rising signs as references.

For more information about where this New Moon is more likely to affect your life, locate where 12° of Pisces falls in your chart.


I am always connected to my inner magic and intuition.


I lovingly accept help, support, and guidance.


I allow myself to create projects that enable me to be seen, recognized, and valued.


I listen to the divine wisdom and knowledge of myself and others.


I am a powerful creator, and I embrace the full depth of my magic.


I am a magnetic being, and I attract true love wherever I go.


My daily life is exciting and beautiful, and I allow it to empower me greatly.


I am creative beyond measure. I allow my inner child to guide me.


I am deeply rooted. My family and home life give me the willpower I need to succeed.


I am open to receiving new information and communicating my authenticity with the world.


I respect and honor both myself and my values, and others respect them.


I allow my inner authenticity shines through every pore of my body. As a result, I am glowing from the inside out.

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