December 18th New Moon In Sagittarius ∼ A Cosmic Maze

This December’s New Moon rises in the early morning on the 18th, at 26°31′ Sagittarius. This zodiac region has a number of renowned or rather notorious constellations. 

These comprise of The Lilith constellation, the part of the Scorpio which forms the Sting and Draco. These together make a formidable team and therefore this zone is filled aplenty with dangers, symbolized by dragons and serpents and other slithery nightmares. It is like trying to find your way in utter darkness in order to reach the center of the maze.

This winter’s Solstice moon is unique indeed. There are tough times ahead for sure, but if you put your faith in the universe that you won’t be punished unjustly, you might make it by. Being in the dark is not always bad. Sometimes it is better that you are blinded to the creatures of dark lest you be too scared to even make a move.

The darkness gives you a false sense of security which allows you to take action and change the situation.

The Astrology

As mentioned before, this time is like a cosmic maze. We will have to put on your psychic defenses to make it through. And sometimes, it wouldn’t even be easy to make progress. It is advisable to wait patiently, till one feels more in sync with everything around them and then carry on their path. Some people who are not strong may have difficulties as evil is projected on them.

But if you continue to be naive and idealistic, it might eventually go away without doing much lasting damage. Saturn is also one of the influences during this new moon. It works by making you feel invulnerable and almighty. A person will take every challenge head on, and every victory will just make them hungry for more. If they are not careful and don’t take a moment to breathe, they will eventually feel the burn.

The Horoscope

Saturn being in conjunction, this New Moon is not exactly a time for fun and frolic. It also means there would be an increased drive to succumb to the power of authoritarian figures. And when it happens, they assume complete control and make sure that everyone is working at 100% of their efficiency.

This New Moon is also witnessing a trine Uranus, which will make creativity flow freely through individuals. The energy and the drive to do something unique is so high that we might witness quite a few rebellious individuals who do not care about the opinions of others which is a good thing because their eccentric worldview might cause a lot of criticism to come their way.

In Conclusion

During this time, it is very easy to get obsessed with things and people. You might get obsessed with a particular conspiracy or even a taboo lover. Negative emotions like need for revenge and envy might run high during this time but it is also possible to counteract them. This time is also good for any kind of pursuit which calls for hard work and dedication, such as research.

If you make up your mind you will find it easy to apply yourself to any demanding task and accomplish it with ease.

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