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Is It Possible For Two Females To Be Twin Flames?

by consciousreminder
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Twin flames are a single soul, before they were split, and given individual distinctions. There is a broad idea that a twin flame bond can only be present between a woman and a man.

This is a misconception because souls are genderless before reincarnating in a physical form.

They were free spirits in the spiritual realm, with no gender discrimination binding them.

A person’s gender has no connection with energy, they are different. A male can have a feminine energy just as much as a female can have a male energy.

If you’re a male, it is not necessary that of your personality traits will be masculine. That is why you often meet people who in spite of having masculine physical features are regarded as having feminine traits. People of these kind are inclined spiritually to have an attraction towards the same gender, because they share the same energy.

In the end, energies and frequencies form the foundation of true love. Which brings us to have an answer to the question, can twin flames be two females? Yes, absolutely! People are attracted towards each other because they connect on a profound spiritual level, not their gender or any other phenomenon.

There are many females who adopt masculine habits. it is their masculine energy that is making them attain all these male traits. Such females are drawn towards women, rather than men. Hence it is highly probable that their twin flame is also female.

True identity lies in the soul and not physical form. So, if you’re a female, and you have a soul that mirrors yours, do not let the social stereotypes stop you from following your heart. Love doesn’t care about genders.

Most people live their whole lives without finding their twin flame. So, if you are given this golden opportunity of being with your twin flame, simply do not care about the gender, and embrace them. Male or female, it shouldn’t matter.

If you love someone truly and are fighting your insecurities and fears to stay with them, then you are not doing anything wrong. Falling and staying in love is difficult irrespective of the gender that your partner is.

You should feel proud of being in a lesbian relationship because the courage required to stay in love in this age in itself is commendable. 

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nice article


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