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Astrology Forecast For The 2022 Cancer Season

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The Crab of Cancer has one of the most heartfelt stories you have ever heard. It was once the seas’ fearless protector.

It would be there protecting his fellow sea creatures whenever they needed it. Unfortunately, it met its end as it bravely protected another sea friend. To honor the valiant creature, its pieces took residence across the sky, creating what is known as the Cancer constellation.

The Brave Cancer Crab

As such, the constellations serve as a reminder of our innate loyalty and bravery that we can call upon when we want to. The Crab may not be the most dangerous, biggest, or fastest sea creature. It is not usually the first animal that comes to mind when we think of a “protector”. Regardless, the Cancer Crab played all those roles and more.

If you feel lacking or unfit to see through anything that is currently happening in life, this season will be when you shake off the fears and insecurities. This is when you should connect with your heart’s power. The crab’s fierceness and strength come from the creature’s heart after all.

We will find more and more of our strength, compassion, and courage as our connection with the love surrounding us and within us grows stronger. It gives all of us the power to be the guardian of ourselves, the ones we love, and the life we want.

In tropical astrology, Cancer Season’s beginning is always regarded as auspicious. The reason is that it has a perfect alignment with the Summer Solstice. The Solstice is a year’s one of the highest energy points. During that day, the veil becomes thinner than usual and Mother Nature’s healing powers are the most potent.

Cancer Season carries with it heartfelt and compassionate energies. Connecting with them lets us align and prepare ourselves better to perceive and receive the Solstice’s healing vibrations.

The Important Cosmic Events Of The 2022 Cancer Season

However, setting aside the astronomical Solstice, the 2022 Cancer Season is going to be very busy. It features the New Moon in Cancer, Chiron as well as Neptune Retrograde, the year’s second Super Moon consecutively in Capricorn, and finally, the Gateway of Sirius opening.

The Sirius Gateway opening takes place when the Sun and Sirius, a fixed star, align. Another name for Sirius is the “Spiritual Sun”. As such, this is among Cancer Season’s most significant events.

Another key 2022 Cancer Season is going to be the Uranus-North Lunar Node alignment. The North Lunar Node is also known as the Node of Destiny. The energy of this alignment is slow-moving and will reach the peak before July ends but will continue through the entirety of August.

This planetary energy combination is quite rare. As such, there may be a bit of unsettling energy in the air that might make us feel a bit unsettled or uneasy. However, it is also known to trigger extremely powerful awakenings. So be on the lookout for more information about his event.

However, be on the lookout for trouble as an aspect involving Mercury and Pluto is going to take place on July 18th. While Mercury will reside in Cancer, Pluto will be retrograde in Capricorn. It might make us ask questions about the definition of humanity.

This season follows a tumultuous season of Eclipses as well as a Mercury retrograde that has been nothing less than harrowing. Last month’s Gemini season was also packed with social activities. As such, the 2022 Cancer season will feel like an ocean breeze that is refreshing and relaxing, particularly on the day of the Solstice.

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