Is This My Intuition Guiding Me Or Merely My Imagination?

by Conscious Reminder

We all know that we have two brain hemispheres: the left brain and the right brain. The left is related to logic and rational decisions. But our right brain is for intuition and imagination.

Now the problem arises because of the idea that our right brain concerns both imagination and intuition. This can cause confusion as we are not always able to differentiate between imagination and intuition.

This confuses everyone but there are ways that can help you differentiate between imagination and intuition.

Whenever you are confused between two ask yourself the following questions:

Did this ‘thought’ come in your mind suddenly?

Am I reacting or am I controlling this thought?

Am I keen on listening to more thoughts on this topic?

If you answered yes to any of these, you are involved in the sphere in intuition. Don’t let your left brain confuse you, this is surely intuition. Intuition and imagination almost always work together,

If you think of anything in your mind, intuition and imagination play a major role in this process. Our brain works like an antenna and transmits and receives all the messages all the time. As soon as we understand this concept, we can easily understand the idea of intuition. Intuition is more like radio waves that come to an antenna.

This intuition when it is received by the brain translates into images, words, sensations and other things.

There are ways in which you can help your left brain in acknowledging your intuition and this will ease the process of distinguishing between thoughts and imagination.

If you still need more help, here are 5 homework steps that everyone can use:

Yes or no: Try and see how your five senses react to anything outside of you. Make simple yes or no questions about such daily situations and try to engage your intuition in this process of making decisions. If you do this on a daily basis, it would be really helpful.

Write it Down: Try and list your experiences related to intuition that you have in the day; no matter how big or small. By the end of the day, see how many of them were correct. Do this every day and you will be able to see how your brain is working and how good you are in your intuitive abilities.

Word association: pay attention to what you say. Most of the times you express your intuition or feelings since language does not provide for accurate words all the time. Share whatever information you feel you have without mentioning the source, because that is your intuition at work.

Trust Fall: Don’t doubt your own intuition. Trust it as much as you can. Let other people doubt your intuition but you don’t do the same. Trust your intuition because it will bring positivity and goodness in your life.

Care less: Don’t worry much about answers and intuition. Let the experience happen to you instead. This way your accuracy level will also increase.

Here’s hoping that you are able to use your intuition in the best way possible and also help others at the same time!

Art by: DeniseEsposito on DeviantArt

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