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The 12 Laws Of Karma And Their Significance In Our Lives

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by Conscious Reminder

Karma is all around us. Whether we choose to believe it or not doesn’t really factor in the end, for we simply can’t ignore it.

After all, everyone has heard people talking about what goes around comes around. You must have also heard of people saying that everything that goes around also comes around.

Some people are of the idea that karma does work under 12 different laws. These laws might sound different to different people but are essentially the same. 

But firstly, what is Karma? To put it simply, Karma is a very important ideology in most Eastern philosophies – like Buddhism, Hinduism, or Jainism.

It is largely extrapolated as the sum of the actions of an individual in this life and the previous lives- which would be used to decide their fate in the next incarnation.

So What Are The 12 Laws Which Dictate Karma?

Karma can be loosely defined as something that exists around us, but we have absolutely no control over it. On the other hand, there are some rules in play that govern it.

If our Karma is guilt-ridden and heavy, we would find ourselves being pulled toward the same people that represent us. We could also be enmeshed in unneeded burdens, events, illnesses, and even accidents- things that we absolutely don’t want.

Therefore, if we have an easy understanding of the 12 laws of Karma, we would be able to navigate our lives through bad or heavy karma. Not only would this guarantee a better reincarnation, but it would also ensure that we feel free in the present. 

The Law Of Cause and Effect

The Great Law is the first and most important law that governs individual karma. This is always the principle behind most Eastern philosophies and can also be seen in science.

The idea behind it is quite simple- every action you would take would have an equal and opposite reaction. Anyone who did grow up studying physics would realize that this is the same idea that governs the Third Law of Motion by Isaac Newton. 

The Law Of Creation

The second law that governs Karma is the Law of Creation, which is all about manifesting a good relationship with one’s karma. It would be interesting to note that most of us are indeed influenced by our Karma to work in a certain manner.

What this implies is that our karma from our previous lives and incarnations paves the way for our future actions. But it also implies that Karma is not just a good indicator of the past but also a good sounding board for the future.

In our lives, we are always presented with a choice of action- and how we utilize this choice will decide what will become of us in the future. Most of us would choose to blame our fate for any mishap- but one could also assume that one’s karma was in motion- settling old wrongs. 

Law Of Growth

We, as humans, are always capable of growth. We grow physically, mentally, and spiritually over the course of our life. And our personal growth is usually dependent on the actions that we take and the decisions that we make. So, if we are capable of making moral and ethical choices, it would impact the life that we live from the next second onwards. Putting it simply, our growth is our own responsibility. 

The Law Of Humility

Humility defines a human being, and it also casts a large bearing on our karma. It takes a lot of courage and humility to accept that we have bad karma over us. In fact, it is never so simple, as one would also have to accept the judgment of past karma hanging over our head.

Law of Connection

This law of karma talks about how everything in the Universe is connected. This can be somewhat equated to the Ripple Effect or the Butterfly effect, where every single dislocation in the Universe would lead to a huge impact thereafter.

Interestingly, some Jains also believe that our souls are interconnected to every single other soul on the planet, so we have a sense of brotherhood amongst every individual out there. 

The Law Of Responsibility

This law is quite verbatim in its idea. It simply wants us to be accountable for our actions, and accept the consequences of them. In fact, if we choose not to be accountable, we would still be reeling from the aftershocks. So the best thing to do would be to realize our mistake, and not commit it again. 

Law of Hospitality

Hospitality doesn’t always imply opening our doors to everyone. It also means opening up our hearts to everyone. As the saying goes, charity begins at home. So, if you are truly trying to deal with your bad karma, you need to give.

Give a little bit of yourself to the universe, and be devoted to the people who you honor. Don’t do anything because you are expecting something from it. Do it, for the sake of it. In fact, the only leeway of selfishness you get here is to do something that makes you happy. 

Law of Force

What we give to the world around us is what we get. This is as simple as it goes. If you are interested in the people around you, they would be interested in you as well. If you are absent-minded around them, they will not be as caring either. You get what you give. 

Law of Change

This is an extremely fundamental law of not just Karma but also life. We change as we grow, and some of us find it difficult to adjust to it. This leads to bad karma. Don’t get affected by the change around you, rather, be the change that you want to see around yourself. Don’t get dragged on by the waves- let the waves create their own path around you.

Law of the Present

The past is dead, and the future never existed- so all you have is the present. Live in it, enjoy it, and make your world around it- this would impact your karma. If you always act with respect to what could happen in the future, you will never be able to live a life. 

Law of Significance

Some might say that we are as fine as mesh pieces when looked at from the grand spectrum of the Universe. But parallelly, we are also the most important piece of the puzzle in our own story.

Our contributions might seem small in the grand scheme of things- but why go so far and beyond? Bring your horizons near and you will see the importance of your existence. Give respect to that- and act accordingly.

Law of Patience

If you do good deeds in this life to get a good life in the next, you are mistaken. This is not how Karma works. You need to be patient, for no good deed remains unturned. Wait for your moment under the light, and you will see your world much brighter than you thought it to be. All it needs is a little patience and a little understanding. 

It should be safe to say that the 12 laws of Karma are not exactly alien to us. We have all heard of it in some form or the other, and we are not strange to it. So, if we try following and living our life according to these ideologies- it should really help us out in the long term.

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