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Keeping Your Aura Clean & Healthy Leads To Spiritual Balance

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The fundamental thing to providing some balance throughout our bodies is utilizing the light which surrounds us. Our bodies are surrounded by energies which appear in various colors.

A lot of people may see the energies which are called auras. The colors in our auras have to be bright and clear and are going to change during the day, which depends on our moods, mindset, and feelings.

Some people that hold much pain and anger probably have muted, and dark colors. Their aura is going to remain muddy unless their negativity state and their suppressed fears, pains, and emotions are released right back in the Universe.

In order to keep our aura clear and bright, we should work with the colors of our chakras. Every day, we should pick one color, confirming that we are going to pay attention during the day, and working to balance the particular chakra which the color also represents.

Usually, we will subconsciously choose the chakra that we have to balance actively. Our clothes’ color, our food choices made during the day may be the subtle signs which say that a particular chakra needs attention.

We have to pay more attention to such signs, as they are our early system of warning. During the day, while we are taking notes of our chosen color, we should say to ourselves, “I release all fear, pain, and repressed emotions with love into the universe.”

Balancing our chakras is particularly good at times of meditation as we may focus our energies more easily. In order to start, we should slowly examine every chakra in order to determine whether it may use more attention than a general balancing exercise.

When there is extra attention necessary, we should focus on that particular color, asking what this chakra is going to bring into balance. After that, we should focus on resolving that blockage.

We should examine our emotions, thoughts, and fears, and permit ourselves to affirm our awareness about the problem. We should infuse the particular chakra with some bright white light and after that consciously release all the suppressed energies back in our Universe.

There are cases when this can’t be achieved during just one single meditation session. We shouldn’t worry about all that, however. Rather than that, we should know that every time we are working on the total release.

When we need extra work, we should start with our base chakra, and focus on a particular color, which in this case will be red. With our intent clear, we should say, “My base chakra is in balance and can receive the love of the universe.”

After that, we should start moving up through every chakra, repeating this same process.

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