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Having A “Blue Mind” And The Benefits Of Being Close To The Ocean

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by Conscious Reminder

Water has something magical about it. It was the source of first life forms on earth, it is the prime supporter of life on earth and it influences the human body the way no other element on the earth can.

Water in its many forms like the never-ending stretch of ocean, beautiful lakes shining in the morning sky, the steady flow of rivers, etc acts as the tranquilizer of mother nature.

One can, by experience. tell that it is very beneficial for health to stay near the ocean. Many elders believe that the spirit of the ocean is the giver of life force. Recently, scientists conducting a study on this matter found that the ocean promotes positive thinking and creative imagination. It also helps in reducing work related stress and promotes the feeling of compassion.

Scientist and marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols revealed in his book, “Blue Mind” that “being near, on, in or under water promotes happiness, health.” Surprisingly the study also showed that being near the ocean can result in better connected lives and allows you to do better at whatever you do.

Wallace writes in his book that we all have a Blue Mind, which is perfectly designed and tailored to make us feel happy, in ways which can not be just limited to enjoying the waves or floating in the pool etc. The true happiness that we get is sourced within ourselves but is activated by the water.

The title of the book itself reveals the condition of mind when near the ginormous water bodies. In the book, the condition of ‘Blue Mind’ is defined as a meditative state where we are blessed with peacefulness, calm, satisfaction and unity. This state of mind is inspired and is triggered by water and other elements directly related to water.

This state of ‘Blue Mind’, Wallace explains, can also be reached when we sit on the shore and softly gaze at the water. The beauty of ‘Blue Mind’ state is that it relaxes the body and the mind but at the same time the mind is focused and away from all the distractions.

In one of his TEDx talk, Nichols mentions that water holds vast emotional, cognitive, psychological and social benefits. Nature has given a lot of survival mechanisms and of those water is the greatest one. It is absolutely necessary for the basic survival and also for healing, energizing and meditating.

In another study, researchers at the Exeter University examined the data of more than 48 million people and concluded that the people who lived near the English coast were happier and healthier.

Just one glace of the ocean can uplift one’s mood and overall mental health. In a study conducted by researcher from Otago and Canterbury universities, it was observed that the exposure of the person to green and blue space is directly related to the mental health of the person.

The study concluded that the sight of the ocean can reduce the stress levels and can contribute directly to the overall well-being of the person.

It is the human nature to seek the water, the study thus came not as a surprise but reaffirmed our knowledge about water and human behavior.

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