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Tomorrow’s New Moon Speaks About Cutting Toxic Ties & Letting The Power Of Water Guide You

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by Conscious Reminder

The first New Moon of the year is almost here. The Aquarius New Moon of 24th January is bringing many changes and asking us to move ahead. Let go of your past burdens and see how that catapults you into the future!

Also known as the Seed Moon, this Aquarius New Moon is a time of new beginnings. As we learn to wake up to our surroundings, we get to see our reality.

The potent energy of the Moon accelerates this awakening of the soul which will translate into personal growth throughout the year. The Wolf Moon set things in motion for 2020 and now the Aquarius Moon will add its power. Set your intentions for the next Lunar cycle now!

Growth and acceleration are the themes of the year 2020. Everyone and everything around us is moving at great speed now. And there are a lot of changes too, especially regarding technology. Like most other artificial things, technology, too, has its pros and cons.

But the way it has been taking over our lives is something to think about. Be it your phone, your watch, or your TV- everything is “smart” now. But where does that leave us?

Do we get to enjoy nature anymore? Or do we just turn on some “sound of nature” video on our phone? When material interference increases, we tend to lose touch with our soul. We are controlled by the things we think we have control over. But is that how we were meant to spend our lives?

Yes, the future is all about technology and the development of gadgets but shouldn’t there be a separation somewhere? Friends text each other while sitting in the same room, couples would rather share love quotes on their phone than express the same in person. We are not saying shun all technology and be a hermit. But don’t let it be the sole reason for your existence.

As 2020 brings a great potential, look up from your phone and experience life. With proper focus and organization, you will be feeling the impact of the changes.

This Aquarius New Moon is urging us to let go of past bonds. Especially the ones that serve us no good. As we prepare for growth, we will be better tuned in with the changing energies. The spiritual ones will realize that now their energies are heightened.

Utilize this time to expand your intuitive and spiritual practices. As we let go of past burdens, it will also be the time to focus on the future. The Moon is whispering to us- it’s never too late in life.

Have you always wanted to take up an art class but your hectic job never allowed you? Do you want to go earn a degree and pursue a completely different career? What’s stopping you?

Only you are stopping yourself. This Aquarius Moon is telling us to pursue our wildest dreams. You have to keep your soul happy- who cares if you are too old to start something new? Why would you allow others to tell you how to keep your soul happy?

Seize the year! The Universe is pushing us towards spiritual growth, which includes our growth in the physical realm as well. You will initially fear that things may not work out when you pursue these dreams, but you don’t realize how potent this Moon and the year are! With abundant spiritual energy, you will witness unbelievable levels of productivity and be successful in your pursuits.

Like all New Moons, this Aquarius Moon too will affect our body, mind, and emotions in some specific ways. With a New Moon, we tend to decrease our sleeping hours and start the day quite early. There are sudden bursts of energy and our appetite increases as well.

New Moons also bless us with insights to guide us. Creativity flows with writing, painting, and other forms of expression. We tend to become more sensitive and quite shy during this time. It’s better to enjoy your own company now instead of going out with people you don’t even like.

We are likely to better understand what makes us happy and what we should be doing with our life. We don’t need to sacrifice our authenticity to fit in.

As the year moves ahead, we will feel the urge to find a purpose, something to stand up for, something to feel empowered with. At such times, we have to remember the power of water inside us.

The water bearer of Aquarius tells us how we are connected with all the water on earth. This connection gives us compassion, empowerment, and creativity. Imbibe these qualities and experience personal sovereignty and self-empowerment.

Let the Aquarius New Moon guide you into newer and higher realms!

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