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Today, Mercury Is Finally Out Of Retrograde, But We’ll Need Some Time To Bounce Back

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by Conscious Reminder

You are probably quite tired right now. You are expecting some kind of relief from this article. I can understand. This Mercury retrograde has been particularly exhausting for all of us. It started on March 5th and is showing no signs of ending.

And probably, this is the worst that you have felt during a Mercury retrograde. It has happened before since Mercury retrogrades are quite common.

But you can’t really remember any other retrograde putting you in such a downer mood before. Well, there is a reason why this retrograde happens to be one of the potent ones.

Retrograde In Pisces

One of the reasons why this retrograde is making us feel so terrible is that it is happening in Pisces. Pisces is spiritual and artistic – it is one of the most imaginative of all zodiac signs. On the other hand, Mercury tries to keep our communication down to facts and is quite logical.

Pisces and Mercury do not sit well together. While you might try to be fact-oriented, Pisces will put you in a dreamy state and turn all your facts into some kind of fiction. Pisces, in general, is very close to its intuitive self.

It likes to stay in a world of dreams and make-belief, be enchanted in love, and have a wonderful and dreamy life ahead. But Mercury likes to keep things real. It analyzes things closely and makes sure that things are going in the right direction.

Astrologically speaking, when Mercury comes into Pisces, it is in detriment. And Mercury doesn’t like being in detriment. That’s the reason you are feeling the frustration of this planet on you.

Mercury Stationing Direct In Pisces

On 28th March, Mercury will be station directly after the retrograde. This will be an amazing entry of fresh air in our life. It will rejuvenate us and bring us back in connection with our inner self.

This can be an incredible period to let go of your logic and try to seek answers from a different perspective. While Mercury will make you want to be more logical, Pisces will come to your help and let you feel all the vibrations taking place within you. After all, Pisces is about connection and romance.

If you have been struggling with relationships, then it is this retrograde that will help you get a fresh perspective on it. Yes, it will be difficult, but you can at least get your mind into it and start understanding your current situation better.

Mercury Departing Post-Retrograde Shadow

Even when Mercury is stationed in a direct position, it does not indicate that all the retrograde madness is left behind you. There is something called the post-retrograde shadow.

This is the period when Mercury will spend some time to return to the same position when it first made its entry into the retrograde state. Mercury will be a bit confused during this period so you can expect a bit of that confusion pouring down on you.

March 28th is the time when this confusion will slowly begin as Mercury moves out of the retrograde, but the effects will stay till 16th April. That’s a day before Mercury will enter Aries.

The period of post-retrograde shadow is like the concluding chapters of your retrograde story. You will slowly be one with the experience that you just had and you would think about how situations could have been tackled in a different manner.

You will start accepting the knowledge that the retrograde brought. Your mind will wander during the period of confusion, but it will also think of how you can implement some of your knowledge in your life.

The retrograde period will always be difficult but on the plus side, it makes you wiser. So, accept the energy and use it to become your best self.

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