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Cancer Full Moon Ritual: Using The Powerful Energies Of The New Year

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by Conscious Reminder

1. Simply Being: 

Start by calming your breathing. Stand still and listen. Slow down your body. Inhale. Exhale. Pay attention to the rhythm of your heart. Feel your surroundings. Close your yes and bring your own presence to awareness.

2. Pay your honors to 2017: 

What is it that happened in 2017 that you would like to honor and express your deepest gratitude for? It does’t really matter if it’s related to your personal or professional life. Did it make you learn some important lessons? Will it serve you in the future?

3. Letting go of 2017:

What are you laying to rest from 2017? What is ready to be burned or buried? If needed, let yourself release the emotions of 2017 with all the feels. Whether this is a cry, scream or sigh. For reals. Emotional Cancer supports us to release held emotions in the body. This is a healthy way to cleanse the emotional body and opens us up to the next level of deep wisdom to move through us.

4. Creating 2018 with Magick:

Create an altar representing all you are calling forth for 2018 and/or place a ‘Wishing Bowl’ with your written or creatively drawn intentions under the moonlight to be amplified. Key: Focus on how you wish to feel along with any specific things you desire to come to fruition. Place an apple (or any other fruit) beside it and eat it the next day to assimilate the Magick into your Being.

5. Don’t forget:

Use the powerful energies of the Supermoon to cleanse, renew, energize and activate your gems, jewels, stones and crystals.

6. Socialize:

Gather is an intentional way with loved ones and do any of the above together and create your own. Now is a time to be with the energy of the collective.

Full Moon rituals can be done the day before, of and after the actual full moon. This is the 3 day potency period. Blessings to you in this wondrous and magical time.

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