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If A New Chapter Is What You Need, The Virgo New Moon On Aug 30 Is The Perfect Time To Start

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by Conscious Reminder

With the New Moon falling on August 30th in Virgo, it is the optimum time to initiate new endeavors.

Herald in brighter inspirations, and simply broaden your horizons to bring changes that may actually be conducive to your overplayed monotonous life.

Mars, Mercury, and Venus share quite a close proximity with the New Moon. So one can expect some brighter, more adventurous experiences to come forth.

With Mars being the most powerful energy there is, this New Moon, we will be represented with masculine energy that is very sacred. It will be simply about taking action, getting the necessary motivation, and doing things the right way.

And the best news- the New Moon’s here to offer all this to us which seems to be quite a recharged and motivating time.

This New Moon is about to help us bring something to the floor if that is what we are planning. Make any improvements you want, the New Moon is all prepared to help you out.

You need to remember though, that Martian energy, albeit pretty powerful, can get really angry and impatient at times. So, be aware of the situation around you, while also keeping it under control.

Mercury’s presence might alleviate this problem to a certain level, owing to its nature of looking before leaping. It will make sure that we don’t do anything that might land us in trouble later. It will also shine light on darkened paths in our journey, so don’t forget to take its advice.

Venus’s closeness to the Moon would account for the loving vibrations that it sends out. Its presence is going to make for a very romantic Virgo New Moon, also making it the best time to enjoy dates or do something romantic.

In case the relationship is struggling, don’t worry for the Universe is going to take care of it. All it needs is your partner’s and your participation in the matter.

Although there seems to be a lot going on in this month, the entire lot of energies would be harmonious, bringing down the curtains nicely on a whole month’s worth of energies.

August has always seemed like the best month to take action, so if you have been feeling low, then the best course of action would be to take small, baby steps this Virgo Moon. Don’t establish grand plans, but simply bring forth small courses of action that would lead to better things once the monotony is over.

As it is with most things, the potential to step up and increase your game is always there, but it would need you to step up and take the opportunity from the cosmos. No one will spoon feed you anything- you have to take control of your life.

The New Moon is in Virgo, so it receives the wisdom and blessings of the totem- Virgin goddess. Despite being a goddess, Virgo’s wisdom applies to every gender there is.

To put it simply, this is the period when you take control of your life and set your priorities straight. This is the time when you take all the opportunities given to you and get yourself organized.

You need to ask yourself what is it you are doing that is getting messed up and not adding to your plans or goals. You need to ask yourself how to make your health and wealth a priority.

Spend some thought on it and find out the answers. There will be some inspiration or insight that you must have gleaned from it.

New Moon in Virgo is also about letting things be. We are so involved in earning money, or working, that we simply forget to live. We forget the small joys of this world.

If we allow ourselves to simply exist, we would be living in every single moment. And that would help us understand life as it truly is.

We need to experience every single moment. Not being enmeshed in our thoughts would enable us to distinguish between all the voices that crop up inside us, rather than being a part of it.

August is the perfect time to set goals, be an observer not just of the outer world, but also looking inside us.

One needs to not agree or relate to everything they think. Try meditating for at least 10 minutes, for that would help one identify with the very present they are living in.

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