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5 Celestial Bodies Are In Retrograde But Things Are Not As Bad As You’d Think

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

It is understandable if the last couple of weeks have been a storm for you. With the eclipse, the planets in retrograde and now the Lionsgate portal, it is okay to find yourself out of balance. It happens to the best of us.

Just as a reminder, Saturn is going to be in retrograde till 18th September, Neptune till 27th November, Jupiter till 11th August, Chiron till 12th December, and Pluto till 3rd October.

Pluto and Saturn have been busy trying to rearrange the values that make up our core beliefs, while Neptune has been rooting for us to get some authenticity in our lives.

But nothing really works until Jupiter brings its unorthodox thinking with some old razzle-dazzle, that actually helps us think and reflect back onto our actions and words.

Remember, unless the planet and their reason for retrograde matches, as in, if your change matches their change, only then would you be able to transform your own life.

Although, we should be forgiven if we take a bit more time than necessary. After all, we just exited the Mercury post retrograde shadow, which brought out our worst side for the entire world to see.

Coming back to the Lionsgate portal, it is impossible to miss it. You would be feeling tired, things would be in sync, but then, you will feel out of place.

Try to think of this troubling time as a way that your guides are attempting to direct your life. For this is wisdom that shouldn’t be left out.

For now, the best thing you can do is to plan. Think about what needs to be done, write everything that you can, especially that you feel describes you the best. Ask yourself if you have managed to transform yourself and if so, how have you done that.

Remember, now isn’t the time for action, now is the time to ponder over things. Listen to your spirit guide, for they are definitely trying to impart some wisdom. Follow it.

Wait till the 15th of August, when Aquarius will play host to a Full Moon. Kickstart your plans into realities.

Until then, listen to the Cosmos and let it guide you towards what you truly desire. By now you must know, it will tell you the truth if you know what to listen. Trust it.

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