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First Supermoon Of 2018 On January 1st/2nd ∼ Powerful Energies Heralding The New Year

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The first full Moon of the year 2018 is on 1st/2nd January and it falls at 11-degree Cancer. 

We begin 2018 with an emotional Cancer Full Moon Super Moon, pulling us out of our shells and into our rich, deep, shared vulnerability.

Please note that 2018’s first Full Moon is no ordinary Super Moon, because Earth is also approaching ‘Perihelion’, which means the Earth is closest to the Sun, while the Moon is closest to the Earth, making Earth, Sun and Moon the closest they are going to be for the entire year. Up close and together! What an interesting portent for 2018!

The first Full Moon of two in January doesn’t make many close aspects, though it integrates the horoscope with a ‘Grand Water Trine’ that accents completion and renewal through healing and purification.

The Full Moon also opposes Sun-Venus, which are heading toward Superior Conjunction, and which during that period (5th-9th, roughly) will pass together over Pluto.

The opposition to Sun-Venus simply points to the future, to the alteration (as the two move over Pluto) of our Self-concept and/ or our asset picture, changing it in response to what we do or create at the Full Moon. We create the image of ourselves by what we create! Simple and confusing, all at once.

The watery Moon is giving us a chance to purify our crescendoing emotions from the past year, letting go of anything we need to discard for the coming year. Forming a Grand Kite with a stellium in Capricorn, the planets are providing a safe container for our emotions to rise and swell.

The following 365 days are going to be far more stable and pragmatic than recent times, helping us organize and create new structures, routines, communities, and relationship dynamics.

This Full Moon is starting us off with an emotional release so we can have a clean slate. From here, we can begin building the lives we want—joining others with shared compassion, vision, and care for all beings. The transits of 2018 are ready to support us in these endeavors, bringing our dreams into reality.

The first Full Moon of 2018 illuminates the shadows that need clearing / healing / transforming and also, there is much Grace and assistance present for shining into our fullest potential and making way for quantum leaps of awakening within as we cross into 2018.

As the snow falls around us, may we open to the silence, stillness, and magic. Feeling deeply, may we take risks, exposing our genuine hearts to true love and auspiciousness.

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