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What To Expect From Your Love Life This Libra Season, According To Your Zodiac?

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by Conscious Reminder

The Libra season is almost upon us. It will be starting from 23rd September and last till 22nd October. The Libran energy will have a significant effect on our love life.

There are a few signs who are sensitive to the Libran energy and will respond to it. They will be more active in their love life – trying to balance out pleasure and compassion with their partner.

Other signs might have to find the balance between both their personal and professional life and devote the time for both. So, will Libra Season be exciting for your zodiac sign?

Let’s find out:


It’s time for you to be a little more flexible with your life. You might have some issues with your family or friends. Don’t be too stubborn – try to be flexible and gain some perspective. Also, during this time, you cannot be half-hearted in your relationship. If your partner wants your 100% self in love, you should try to give your 100% into your romance. You want the same thing from your lover too.


You may want to go solo during your work hours, but know that teamwork has its benefits. So, start collaborating with others. It can make your work more efficient too. Plus, you can even get more time outside office when you collaborate and so, finish the work faster!


It will be a sexy time for Gemini, but then, they have to be responsible too. Just because you are feeling high on sexual energy during this time does not mean you will impress your partner with a five-star restaurant date or get yourself loads of sex toys. Save your money and be responsible.


Family time will not be pleasing for you. You will feel like the family drama is taking over your mind. It’s time to set personal boundaries. If you feel overwhelmed, start putting your mind on pending projects. That will help making more space for who you are.


Don’t be shy – express what you want from others. If you like someone, go and tell them. Be flirtatious. You will be surprised how positively they will respond to it.


Your confidence level will fluctuate during this season. It’s fine, acknowledge it and be open to feel that things can be a bit rough inside. But don’t let your insecurities take over you. That will completely ruin your love life.


It’s your month but you have to be completely open about yourself if you want to enjoy it. During this period, you will start feeling the burden that you carry within you. It’s time to let go. Unload everything to a partner or a love interest. Eventually, you will feel happier and you might even grow closer to your love.


It’s time to bond with your love interest. Yes, we know it’s a bit early but a little cozy cuddling is not going to be too bad, would it? Spend some cozy time with your love. Make it worth it.


You love to socialize and now is the time to do it. Go out with your friends and enjoy. Flirt a little bit too. Just don’t overdo it. If you like someone, give it time. Go out on dates but keep the dates far apart so that you have enough time to mull over them.


If you take your office work home and not give enough time to your partner, it’s important to change that routine. Your partner needs you and you have to make time for them. Also, share the household work so that it does not end up in resentment. If you have not been doing household work, it’s time to take the lead.


Your artistic and creative side is now bubbling – it’s time to use it. Start by a room improvement project or an art project for couples. Be imaginative with your dates. It will bring a newness to your relationship.


Think about your friends and partners. Are they toxic? Are you in a toxic relationship? It’s important to get out of such relationships and go for something better. Look within, examine the relationship and try to find a healthy route out.

The Libra season is going to be lovely. Enjoy it and be prepared for love to increase in your life.

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