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The Most Powerful Affirmation – “I AM FREE!”

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When you say this affirmation over and over again you affirm to yourself and the Universe that you are free of all that no longer serves you.

In other words you are making a statement to the Universe that you are free of everything that no longer resonates with your energy.

You’re also affirming to the Universe that you’re free to explore new opportunities, and you’re opening yourself up to exploring more of your creativity in the vast sea of possibility.

The powerful part is that you’re trusting the Universe to determine what that is. You don’t have to even know exactly what that is! The Universe already knows.

Just meditate for a minute or two on how powerful this affirmation is…. “I AM FREE!”

I AM Free….

–          Of limited thinking

–          Of doubt

–          Of fear

–          Of worry

–          Of not having enough ….. [fill in the blank]

–          Of pain

–          Of suffering

–          Of various health issues

–          Of feeling powerless

–          Of struggling

–          Of conflict

–          Of being a victim

–          Of the constraints of a lower consciousness

–          Of …… [fill in the blank]

–          To explore who I am

–          To find my Joy

–          To discover my truth

–          To find my purpose

–          To ….. [fill in the blank]

I could go on and on. You get the idea. You can also use this affirmation to quieten your lower mind so you can get into a meditative state with your Higher Self and Consciousness.

True freedom comes with Self Love and with acceptance, but usually there are blocks that we’ve created within our emotional and mental body that prevent us from experiencing true freedom.

Once you have found the love within you, and found peace, you will find your joy also, and true freedom. True freedom comes with inner harmony and balance, and that can only be attained once you’ve removed everything that is standing in your way.

Try it and let me know how it changes your life!


Source: archangelsanddevas

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