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Understanding The Three Stages Of Life

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

There is just one life. But, a lot of spiritual studies and philosophies divide it into numerous different stages.

Here, we are going to present you three of them which may or may not occur in one life.

Stage 1: You want everything.

You are born in this world which is astonished by the people in it, love showers on you and the entire nature’s beauty. You will start thinking. The programmed device in your head which is called mind will start talking to you every day. You are also given a family, name, friends, as well as a lot more. Soon, you will realize that the person you see is you. The time will pass as it usually does.

After that, you will be intimidated by some other humans and their capacities. Society will tell you to be something else. You should achieve this, and then you are going to be complete. You will start running behind becoming something. Then, you will realize that you are not that good and you will start comparing yourself with other people. You will feel disappointed when you realize that you are not that talented as your neighbor, friend, a film star or someone else.

You will become depressed because of realizing that your life is not going in the way you would like it to. Those people that once tested success while they were younger, or those that were adored and appreciated, will also the lack which only they will know of. You are appreciated, but it is not enough for you, you need more.

Stage 2: You are unique.

The question “How will I add to my being?’ will come to your mind. After that, there comes the stage number two in which you will believe you are unique and you are unlike others. You think to yourself that you are going to succeed and that the ones that said you could not do that will come in line for your photograph, autograph and something else.

You are going to find a way of affirming your superiority over other people. Those that are recognized have their egos inflating, as well as confirming their assumptions which say that they are better than others.

And those that are still not recognized are going to confirm superiority by the uniqueness inside them that will make them stand alone or away from that crowd of the limelight-seekers. Also, this stage is the one of understanding the difference which is usually not understood well as superiority too.

Stage 3: You accept everything.

Because your life is not an easy and smooth way, you will have to pass a lot of gutters and bumps. You will come to some point in your life when you are going to lose something that was really valuable for you, and that can be a place, position, a loved person or health. Your identity will also be lost.

Also, what you believed you were will no longer be there for you to serve you any purpose. Also, the things you thought are going to complete you, do not do their job anymore. You will start searching for your life’s meaning. In fact, contemplation is going to take you on the journey which is going to make you realize that some significant things in your life cannot be found in your job, possessions or status. In this period, you will also start your self-discovery, and it will be a journey which is going to lead you in your inner core too.

And, soon after that, you are going to reach the stage in which you will see every person equally.

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