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Did You Meet A Good Guy After A Toxic Relationship? Expect These 5 Things To Happen

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by Conscious Reminder

After you break up with an abusive boyfriend, you’ll find yourself in a very bad place.

You are still bleeding from your wounds and your idea of romance is twisted and negative. You’ve put up really high walls around yourself and when you finally find someone really nice, it might become a very strange experience for you.

So, these are the things that you will probably feel and experience when you find a keeper:

1. You are thankful because you have had the opportunity to meet him but the fear that he is not what he may seem is always there.

You’re always wary around him because you think his positive attributes are all a façade which may be torn of any moment and that he will break up with you any time. Don’t worry. A good partner doesn’t leave.

2. You’re glad that he’s still with you but you often catch yourself wondering why. Every time he looks at another woman, you begin to suspect something even when you know that it is completely baseless.

You overanalyze all your conversations with him and are constantly on the alert for any misstep. However, he really is not trying to trick you. This is genuine.

3. He will do his best to show you how much he loves you and you will see what a good relationship is like. He won’t act differently when he’s with people and when he’s alone with you. He takes pride in you always and will try his best to express his emotions.

4. It will be a learning experience for you when you begin to discover what true love actually is. You begin to see your previous relationship for the abusive on that it was and you are no longer fooled by the kind of extravagant displays your ex used to make.

You learn how to figure out when someone is being genuine because your boyfriend is always sincere.

5. You feel lucky that you ended things with your ex because you got to meet this guy.

When you think about all the time you spent hoping your ex would get better, you realize that you always knew deep inside that it would never work out but you’re much happier because it didn’t.

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