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2020 Will Be A Year Of Ascension & Spiritual Growth, And 2019 Is Paving The Way

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

2020 will be a massive time. In January 2020, Saturn and Pluto will be forming an alignment and the massive energy burst will greet us.  Are you ready for it?

The alignment will not only set the dominating tone for the year but it will also be a major boost for our soul. The energies are aligning to bring about harmony on our blue planet, Earth.

There are many important and drastic alignments that will occur in 2020. 2019 is the transition – it is preparing us to accept this new energy. 2020 will be the time when we have a boost in our vibration levels, an increase in our conscious self.

Our energy will be combined and we will be thrown to upwards to reach spiritual heights. It called ascension – a movement towards the light.

But there cannot exist light without some bits of darkness.

2020 does not come as a fix to the darkness around or in us. Rather, it arrives as a way to rise above that darkness. It is all about not falling but staying above it. Due to this, darkness will not reach us – it will drop itself.

Unlike light, which is ‘light’ in essence, darkness is heavy. Unless we rise and let go of it, it will keep holding us back, tied down to the ground. Hence, in 2020, we are supposed to let it all go. Shed some of the darkness, feel the light, ascend.

Let’s unpack right now – let’s make a move to be truly light. 2019 comes as a way to let go.

We have already seen it happen. January to May has been a pattern of releasing – or letting go. January was marked by the Blood Moon Eclipse. Three super moons followed. We had two Full Moon happening on the same sign, and then there was the seasonal Blue Moon.

These are not coincidences. The full moons show a theme of letting go and revealing something about us. It is about shedding. It’s a good thing to let a former relationship shed away. Negative talks never do any good – let it go.

Find your ‘light’ self. Surrender yourself if you have to – surrender yourself to the present. Remember, the past holds no value and the future is yet to arrive. You will survive.

Everything can be questioned. Everything will be reviewed. Everything you knew will change. 2020 is all about transformation. It is about changing from within and watching the changes happening on the outside. The world will not be the same as before.

Of course, 2020 changes won’t happen suddenly. Everything about it is happening all around us. Within us. We don’t see it yet because the effect is minute. In the year 2020, the effect will become massive and we will spot it.

March 2019 has been the most significant month. Others are coming by. Look out for September and October and also December of 2019.

These months are all about change – about questioning who you are and how you can transform yourself. These months, you will understand what will happen to you on a personal as well as on a global level.

Globally, there will be economical and political changes happening in the world. Success and motivation will become the story of society. Pluto and Saturn bring changes in order, power, and structure. While prediction is difficult, these are somethings that could happen.

Abuse of power will be finally called out. These can be in any way, from revolutions to recessions or war. Also, abuse of power can be many things. It could also mean a change in power. Maybe, once we identify the abuse of power, we can correct it and fix the issue.

The effects will be long-lasting and will trickle into the next year, 2021. Ascension and energy level interactions will break us free from routine thinking and give us some fresh perspective too. Now we can stop drowning in the dark and truly get up and reach out for the lights.

Here is a message that you should find within you:

I’ll rise up. I’ll shine. My soul may be on earth now but ascension is coming towards me. I’ll keep rising and let go of any negativity present within. I acknowledge the good and the bad in me.

I have lived my life, and I had made mistakes. But life has no beginning or end. It is about me and how I make it my best. And now, I will do so and be grateful for it. I will honor my life.

Make your life truly amazing.

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