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If You Experience Any Of These 7 Signs, The People You Are With Radiate Negative Energy

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by Conscious Reminder

Our life journey is filled with both good and bad, as coming into contact with negativity is simply impossible.  Naturally, we want to stick with the good and steer away from the negative as much as possible.  But, escaping from negative people is sometimes a very difficult task.

In order to protect ourselves from negativity, it is very important to learn how to recognize individuals who emit negative vibes and contaminate our positivity.

7 Signs Of People With Negative Energy

1. They are constant worriers

Negative people tend to worry too much, even about things which go alright. In fact, even when the weather is perfect and the sun shines bright, they will be prepared for a heavy rain by wearing a raincoat.

The good news is that if you remain positive, the chances are you bring them down to positivity. After all, we all deserve a lift up at certain instances. However, if doing so is simply not possible, leave them behind!

2. They are pessimists

Pessimists are individuals who always see the dark side of life, making even the tiniest issues big.  The glass is half empty for them and it seems like they are literally carrying the world on their shoulders.  Visualizing positive results and incomes is impossible for pessimists as they always make tiny matters worst.

3. They are whiners

Negative people are great at complaining, whether it is the people surrounding them, their relationship, their job, or…. even the weather! Needless to say, these people make quite a bad company, since no matter how beautiful this world seems, for them is nothing compared with their ‘issues.”

4. They live in a delusion

They are afraid to leave their comfort zone and when finally do, they believe that they will face more pressure, fear, and failure.  This is why they are rarely open to new experiences like visiting new places or trying out new hobbies.  So, it is no wonder why they are filled with negative vibes and a feeling of imprisonment.

5. They are underachievers

Given that success heavily depends on attitude, having the right one guarantees that you will succeed. On the flip side, if you have a negative attitude, the chances are you will fail.  Negative people are focused on failure and imagined misery, which in turn makes them unable to see the endless possibilities they have.

6. They suck the energy out of you

Negative vibes can be extremely draining. Spending time with negative people is likely to leave you emotionally and physically drained out, as they literally suck out all the energy out of you.

These people are unable to produce positive vibes within themselves, so they suck yours instead.  If you feel fatigued and devoid of energy after spending time with someone, it is a sign that they are negative!

7. They have limited life experiences

Given that these people rarely recognize excitement, beauty, and passion, their life experiences are quite limited.  They are not capable of seeing the brighter side of life, so it`s no wonder that they are content with being grumpy in their world.

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