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Taking A Leap Of Faith: Twin Flames Love As A Risk

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Anyone who has ever come close to a twin flames relationship, or the ones who have experienced it, would all agree to this- it is much more complex, difficult and risky than any other kind of union that we are used to.

But then, what on Earth isn’t? Anything which is remotely beautiful or precious always comes with its own risks. And yes the risk is great, but so is the beauty and the rewards of a twin flames relationship. The best things in life are scarcely the ones which come easily to us, right?

Twin Flames love and Risk

The concept of risk is not that new to us. In fact we come face to face with it almost every living, breathing moment. You might think of yourself as a person who plays it safe, someone who doesn’t take risks. But that’s not possible.

We are only alive when we are taking risks, the rest of the time we are only existing. And it is not that unnatural for us to take the leap on blind faith, as much as you’d like to believe otherwise.

From the moment we were born we started taking risks. Our birth in fact was the first time we took a risk to be blindly born into a world and hope that we’d be taken care of. From that moment onwards, every step was a risk- whether we’d be able to survive in the world or not; whether our marriage would work or not; whether our kids will turn out alright; whether we’ll ever find true love or not.

And the fact is that despite the uncertainty we continued to get on ourselves. And that made it possible for us to enjoy the true gifts of life as well. Every second that we chose life, in all its glorious unpredictability, we are taking a risk.

What makes love and life, worth it?

As you might have guessed already, the best and the greatest part of our life is unpredictability. This sense of anything might happen, and everything as we know it, might cease to exist.

And imagine how much more beauty we could experience if we do away with the residual hesitance on our part. What if we become truly ready to experience life with absolutely no expectations and no preconceived notions?

Imagine what a world would then be unveiled for us! It is true that standing on firm grounds, either here or there gives us security and comfort. But to do away with either position and to throw ourselves into the unknown, that is true exhilaration.

Maybe this lack of certainty is what truly life is about. And if it is so, then being risky is the only way to fully live and love life. Then why should someone be afraid of the risks involved in a twin flames relationship.

Abandoning all skepticism and throwing yourself into that chasm of unpredictability might be the best thing you ever did for yourself.

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