Don’t Stay With Someone Who Brings Out The Worst In You

by Conscious Reminder

There will be times when we will believe that people are either all bad or all good. Or, that there are bad boys and nice guys.

Or, that there are crooked hearts and good ones. Or, that there are people who have arsenic-made hearts and those whose bloodstreams were laced with compassion.

By that particular logic, we will believe that we are also either bad or good individuals. Then, we will let the consideration bleed into our relationships. We will continually search for proofs, and evidence that those we were with were not bad people. And that we were good people in kind.

There will be people that will appease our fears – they will see the best in us, and as a consequence, bring out the best in us. However, there will be those that will do the opposite.

After some time, we are going to learn that there will be people that will be hardly committed to seeing the worst things in us. There are many people that search for something bad in other people, with almost insatiable bloodlusts.

They will be the emotional entrapment’s masters: antagonizing and goading situations – either unknowingly or knowingly – to bring out our ugly parts. They do that to prove to themselves that we are the monster that they suspect us to be.

Here is something about the people that always see the ugly things in other people: they are those who can’t see something else in their own selves. They have demons bigger than us, bigger than our relationship, bigger than we are ever going to have the ability to fight on their behalves.

The people that look for our worst parts do that as they want some company in how they actually see themselves.

Here are the things we all wish we had learned earlier in our lives:

When someone just sees our ugliness, we should leave.

We are not supposed to be with a person that searches to expose our dark parts. We should not give ourselves over to an individual that is simply committed to believing in the worst things in every person he or she meets.

In fact, there is definitely ugliness inside us, because there is ugliness inside every one of us. However, there is goodness as well. There is honesty, compassion, strength, and integrity. Which of these parts will prevail depends on which of them we will call upon.

We should be with a person that calls upon our strengths.

We should date someone that sees our potential before our ugliness. We should date someone that knows that our ugliness is buried right inside us – but who does not really have to bring that ugliness to our surface.

We should date someone that sees the capacity we have for ugliness, but who also sees the huge potential for tenacity, love, and goodness. We should date a person that understands that we are the mix of evil and good, just like other humans, and who also tries to motivate and inspire the best in us.

We are not supposed to date someone that will test our virtues, push our limits, tries to break us down in order to expose the most terrible parts of us. We should date someone that pushes us to show our best.

We should date someone that will encourage and support us and make us feel the desire to be the best version of ourselves every single day. Just like we already said, there is bad and good in every one of us. Which of those parts will grow will depend on which one we feed.

We should be with a person that will feed the best part of the person we are.

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