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Harness The Fiery Energy Of The Sagittarius Full Moon With This Powerful Ritual

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The Full Moon will be in Sagittarius on 17th June. It will be a dreamy moon and remind us that all of us has a fire inside us. We just need to raise our intuitions and connect with our inner self to understand where to locate this fire.

Plus, the Full Moon will be the last one before the Eclipse season starts. So essentially, it is a preparatory full moon, helping us understand how we are going to move forward in this journey.

We will catch up on different clues but if you want a full revelation, you have to wait for the Eclipses to happen. However, this is the time when you can truly access your inner spirit. All you need to do is conduct the following ritual to be your guide:

Ritual For Sagittarius Full Moon

This should be done between June 14th to June 24th for the best results.


  • Your choice of cleansing tool
  • Candle: 3
  • A piece of paper cut in three
  • Paper: 3
  • A pen
  • A glass with drinking water

What to do?

1. Start by cleansing the aura in you using your choice of cleansing tool. Recite:

“I cleanse my soul, body and mind. I will release myself from anything of the old. My heart is now completely clear. There is no fear in me. I know that I have enough willpower. I am at peace. Thank you.”

Now, cleanse all the ingredients and your own surroundings. Recite:

“I cleanse the space all over me and all the ingredients. Everything is pure and full of love. I give everything my joy and release whatever does not serve me in any significant way. Let peace and love be the only part of me and surround me.”

2. Put the candles in a triangle-like arrangement and then, ignite it. The glass with drinking water should be placed in the middle of it.

3. Take one deep breath. Shut your eyes and sit silently. Be still. Meditate for about ten minutes if you want.

4. Tear the paper into three. Consider the following prompts and choose three:

  • You’ve been holding this in your heart for too long. Maybe it’s time that I move on (your name).
  • You have to be kind to yourself. Say: I love you, (your name)
  • You know you deserve a lot better than this and now is the time to set boundaries (your name).
  • You have achieved a lot of things, and you should be proud of (your name).
  • It is time that you decide on something. Put your hand on your heart (your name) – you know what you need to do.
  • Things are going to work in a perfect manner (your name). Don’t worry.
  • Healing may take a lot of time, but you have to be patient, (your name).
  • Things might seem topsy-turvy at the moment, but (your name), it will go well soon enough.
  • You will soon let the thing go, (your name), but for now, be kind to yourself.
  • You are doing great (your name). Just keep going – a bright future awaits.

5. Choose any of the three messages and write them on each of the paper. Fold them so that each folded paper looks the same. Now, shuffle them and put them in the pattern.

6. Take one paper and then write down a past event you want to forget. It could be a story or a belief. Write in details.

7. After finishing, pause and reflect on what you have written. Check on the three folded paper and pick one up random. Read it. Trust your intuition, sit with the feeling. Let the wisdom it imparts become coherent.

8. Take another paper, write down something from the present which you want to release. Maybe it is from a couple of weeks or a thing which is affecting you as of now. Write in detail.

9. Like before, pick up another piece of folded paper, and reflect on the message and thoughts it brings to you.

10. Finally, take the last piece of paper and note down something that you achieved. Something you though you can never do but you tried and you found out you were so much stronger. It’s an achievement that you are truly proud of.

11. Now, take another folded piece and reflect on it.

12. Once done, you have to take ten deep breaths and relax. Pick up the drinking water and recite:

“Healing has started. I’m on the right path. I’m full of light. Thank you.”

Drink the entire water.

13. You can then burn up the papers and when it gets hot, put them in a bowl of water. Or you can shred in in a recycler.

Have a Happy Full Moon.

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