Why Can’t I Stop Waking Up At 3 a.m? Chinese Medicine Clock

by Conscious Reminder

To all those night owls- Do you ever find yourself really tired some days and end up sleeping early, only to find yourself waking up at exactly 3am at night?

Well, it is not just you, for starters. It is a pretty common issue.

Only thing is, it has been interpreted in bizarre ways. For example, people have often considered it as a sign of demonic possession: 3am being the symbol for the holy trinity, but being devilish at night. 

We will not go in onto those things here. 

The Chinese Medicine Clock

It is a known fact that our body has a biological clock of its own. It is based on its own functions and movements. This is why certain medicines work best at certain times of the day and hence are taken before or after meals. This theory however is not a western one. The concept of it predates western medicine by a long time. The original concept was an eastern one: Indian and Chinese. 

The concept of the body behaving in certain ways at certain times of the day was proposed in the Ayurveda, the Indian book of healing.

The Chinese however a tad bit more articulate about this. They called it the Medicine Clock. 

The concept is as follows: the day of twenty four hours is divided into two-hour chunks. Each chunk is a time when a specific organ or organ system at that, peaks in energy and vitality. 

If an organ is affected in any way negative, it will affect the body in the next chunk. So, if you are waking up at 3am, something must be wrong in the time between 1 and 3. 

So, the organ that is affected, must be, according to said system: the liver. The largest organ in the body, the liver is the filter of the body. It revitalises the blood by purifying it of toxins.

So, this waking up syndrome might be an acute or chronic liver problem. You might want to cut back on the casual beers and the swigs of whiskey and instead eat healthy. 

If things do persist, make sure to visit a doctor. 


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