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Aquarius Season Starts January 20th And It’s Time To Do Some ‘Cleaning’

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by Conscious Reminder

The Sun leaves the sign of Capricorn and enters Aquarius on the 20th of January. This will mark the beginning of the Aquarius season.

All the heavy Capricorn energy will soon dissipate and turn into the airy energy of Aquarius. Although the effect of planets in Capricorn will still be there, it will be diluted.

The water-bearer who represents the eleventh zodiac sign has a symbolic meaning. It takes the water-like emotions and gives them an airy feel. The urn of the water-bearer collects all the vibrations and cleanses them.

It then returns the purified vibrations to the mother earth. By letting go of emotions that aren’t useful to us anymore, we can bring Aquarius’ energy into our lives.

Make this Aquarius season one of cleansing and letting go. Heavy emotions that have been rocking your boat will ease out as soon as you let go.

Change your perspective, start looking from above and see the big picture. Our life is just like one stroke in the entire painting. If we invest too much time and effort in scrutinizing this one stroke, we’ll lose sight of the whole painting.

What is the purpose of our lives? We are here to give and receive love. To raise our vibrations and move to higher places is our aim.

We have already visited those places but we’ve forgotten about them. This life is a mere junction in our soul’s journey. This Aquarius season is encouraging us to see beyond ourselves.

Since the zodiac sign of Aquarius represents humanitarian qualities, the Sun will expand these qualities in us. We’ll start thinking about everyone living around us.

Our planet is what we make of it, our thinking, speech, and actions have an immense impact on the earth. So, it’s our responsibility to take care of our planet and all the beings living on it.

24th January: New Moon In Aquarius

With the New Moon, a new lunar year will begin. This lunar event will bring changes with it.

Life may take an unexpected turn due to this New Moon, but it’ll be for your good. Next, feel-good energies will be sent to us by the Full Moon in Leo, due on the 8th of February.

End Of 2020 With A Grand Conjunction

The conjunction happening between Saturn and Jupiter every twenty years is called the Grand Conjunction. All such conjunctions have been happening in the Earth signs for the past 200 years. But 2020 is changing things up- this time the conjunction will happen in Aquarius.

The Grand Conjunction will take place in the month of December. This will make Aquarius’ effects much stronger. The themes related to this air sign will play major roles in our lives in the years to come.

From 20th January to 18th February, it will be like a testing period for us. As the Sun will move into Aquarius we’ll get a sneak-peek into what all this Aquarius season has to offer!

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