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The Rare Saturn-Pluto Conjunction Happening Today Will Dismantle Your Outdated Patterns

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by Conscious Reminder

2020 is going to be a momentous year for all of us, as Jupiter presents itself in Capricorn from December 2019 to the whole of this year.

Along with Jupiter, we have Pluto and Saturn too converging on this zodiac. So, we start off the year by putting in Pluto and Saturn on the same plate on January 12th which could have far-reaching consequences for us all.

Saturn is the teacher amidst all the planets. The presence of Saturn is useful in understanding where we stand in life. In fact, if one were to check the position of Saturn in their natal chart, they would have a good idea as to how far their journey is left, and how much they have accomplished over the years.

The effect of Saturn is tri-fold: when transit Saturn sextiles or trines, the effects are usually positive as we find stability in our life and a direction to walk on.

But when transit Saturn squares or opposes, we find it distinctively restricting, overwhelming, and lacking in certain aspects. And for the 12th of this month, we aren’t exactly sure as to whether the effects would be wholly positive or negative.

Pluto is all about transformations. It is a deep planet, which exudes an aura of danger, thrill, and mystery. Pluto’s presence in the natal chart is usually an indication of where we need to go, and how much we need to transform under Pluto’s tutelage. Pluto in transit has a lot of ambiguous results, which ultimately toughens us.

When Pluto sextiles or trines, we find that gaining and maintaining power is a whole lot easier. Our life is in our control and everything seems easy. But when Pluto squares or opposes, it usually brings with itself a lot of problems.

Problems regarding power, problems that restrict us from acquiring our true potential amidst others. Pluto might also chain us, and unleash the unholy demons as we thrash around trying to prevent it.

Let this be said, Pluto is a very bitter enemy. But when Pluto conjuncts, the positives are felt more than the negatives.

The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto makes for a very disciplined and focused individual. People who have this conjunction under their natal chart shouldn’t be trifled with as they are fierce in their struggle with strong willpower. Even when you think that they have been beaten down, they will still come back even bigger and stronger.

Whilst in transit, this conjunction can result in an outburst of discipline, focus, and will, which would need a proper conduit to express itself. For, if the person keeps all these within themselves, it would get too restrictive for them making them lash out at themselves in frustration.

The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto is accompanied by the Sun and Mercury, who conjunct on the 13th and 12th respectively. The proximity of 4 major planets is symbolic of something powerful in the air. The energy produced will have the Sun’s light shining on it, while Mercury will help maintain the focus.

When in Capricorn, one ought to start working on the goals one has set for the year. You don’t have to complete it at once, but you need to start putting a foundation that would help throughout the entire year.

A good, stable start to the year is what is needed to provide that push in the right direction. There is no guarantee that the conjunct might not be entirely positive or negative. If it is positive, start hustling.

You have a lot to conquer and gain control of. Utilize the opportunities, resources, and time available at your disposal. You will understand your own progress in leaps and bounds.

But if it is negative, you might have to sift through blocks and obstacles as you reach your destiny. Don’t give up and know that every dark cloud has a silver lining. Doing the right things at the right time is of paramount importance now, and trust us – you will be in better shape when you come out than when you went in.

This conjunct is simply a very strong conduit for your energy. And while this may seem overwhelming at times, don’t let go. Good things are in store once you go through the motions.

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