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When You Can’t Feel Your Spiritual Guides Around

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

For all those who are regular spiritual practitioners, for those who have managed to establish a strong link between themselves and their guardian angels, here’s a small heads up or just an explanation to something aberrant you might have been experiencing while performing these meditations or some spiritual activity to interact with your guardian angels.   

It so happens that sometimes the response you get from them is unclear and distant. They appear to be indefinite while communicating with you and show no sign of interest in maintaining the connection. Or they might just appear in an inactive state. You should be able to remember this if this has happened with you ever.

If this has been the case with you, please be informed that these are clear signs that your guardian angels see a ball in your court. They expect you to finish something that has already been talked about and meditation would not help until it has been taken care of.

The times when we are in desperate need of guidance that we end up asking the about things that we already know and understand, you can be prepared to expect such a response from them. It doesn’t make sense to them when you repeatedly inquire about the same thing.

The guardian angels are always ready to help you explore new aspects of your life. However, if you don’t use the previous help you received from them and act on the problems that were talked about last time, they would give out such a response. Their guidance becomes pointless if not put into practical use.

Then there comes a point when they stop providing you any more information and stop answering any more questions unless you have acted on what you gained last time.

So instead of feeling sad and hopeless, you must focus on finishing up the incomplete business. Take this as a sign from them to start acting instead of just listening.

This should take you to their desired level to start the communication again.

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