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Decoding The Numerology Of Reincarnation 

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by Conscious Reminder

Discover a new dimension of vibrations and understand your Karma plus what you require to understand for your personal enlightenment with said Numerology of Reincarnation.

Are you aware that the Numerology of the name might provide additional information about your previous lives? Discover what you must do in order to correct the errors of previous incarnations and, as a result, be able to enjoy your current existence.

1- A, J, S

2- B, K, T

3- C, L, W

4- D, M, X

5- E, N, Y

6- F, O, Z

7- G, P

8- H, Q

9- I, R

Take the example given below:

Erza Scarlet

5961 1319352

Look up the numerals that are missing from her name. The digits 4, 8, and also 7 are absent from the previous example. Read the insights that correlate to these blank numbers after that. 

What Does It Mean If Your Name Lacks A Number?

You should rejoice because, as per reincarnation numerology, the absent digits (or frequencies) show that you overcame challenges and acquired the necessary knowledge in previous lives. Your current task is to keep growing and evolving spiritually.

Not Having Number 1

If this number is missing, it means that you didn’t understand the importance of your independence or the chances that presented themselves for happiness. You also found it challenging to act independently and form opinions or conclusions.

Switch things up right away! Gain more self-confidence and make decisions based only on your review rather than seeking approval from others.

Not Having Number 2

In previous lives, you have not shown much tolerance. The lack of number 2 suggests that you may have abandoned your goals in order to avoid facing others when the time came to take action.

Switch things up right away! Learn to take into account the emotions of others and work together with those closest to you to accomplish shared objectives.

Not Having Number 3

Your timidity and apprehension of being judged prevented you from using your gifts in prior lifetimes. This may have caused some individuals to view it with disdain.

Switch things up right away! Without fear or guilt, learn to communicate your emotions more and use your skills.

Not Having Number 4

In your previous life, you were so stressed and pressed for time that you chose the simple route without considering the consequences or the sentiments of other people.

Switch things up right away! Try to be more disciplined and structured in your daily life. Appreciate the important things in life.

Not Having Number 5

If you don’t have this number, you either didn’t have liberty or did not even understand how to utilize it. Fear prevented you from placing a bet and caused you to let the opinions of the majority supersede your own.

Now flip the situation: Recognize that in order to advance, you must accept change. But you must also overcome your biases.

Not Having Number 6

You were indeed a selfish, reckless person in one of your previous lives who only worried about the size of their own belly button. Sadly, everything suggests that he has caused his family a great deal of stress.

Switch things up right away! Learn to look after your own family, recognize other people’s needs, and take on new duties.

Not Having Number 7

If you do not have this number, you likely learned a lot in your prior life. Nevertheless, you opted against sharing your immense knowledge and intellect with others since you may have abused them.

Switch things up right away! Learn to develop your intuition, pay closer attention to your heart, and showcase your gifts to others.

Not Having Number 8

You have had riches and power in previous lives, but you did not know how to utilize it effectively. He, therefore, allowed them to rule over him. He squandered his money and was a strict authoritarian.

Switch things up right away! Learn how to manage your finances, your feelings, and your faith in others.

Not Having Number 9

He emotionally shut himself off out of fear of pain and suffering. You are also worried about being in love while keeping your heart closed, avoiding emotional commitment, and refusing to accept love from others.

Switch things up right away! Learn to approach people you care about and express your emotions to them. Learn to become more patient.

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On your numbers chart why is letters u and v absent,


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