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Are You Speaking Your Partner’s Love Language?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We all have our own love languages. One of the most exciting yet challenging parts of a relationship is to understand your partner’s love language.

Do you express your love and devotion the way your partner requires it?

Love can be expressed in beautiful poetry, or it can be expressed in the little actions we take. Whatever we try to convey via our words and actions may not be what our partner is looking for.

The author of The Five Love Languages, Dr. Gary Chapman, explains how there are 5 basic ways partners in a relationship communicate.

1. Acts of Service

Small of big, acts of service or gestures of love work way better than words. These gestures can be small things like taking care of some household chores. Or it can be something like arranging a grand date night once in a while. Either way, you will be reaching out to your partner and understand exactly how they are receiving your love.

2. Affirmative Words

While gestures impress some people, others have more faith in verbal expressions. Remind them you love them each morning or keep little notes for them. You can also write a long and beautiful letter expressing your gratitude.

3. Gifts

Your partner could be one of the kind who understands the expression of love via gifts. For such people, it is the intention behind the gift that matters most. You could get a vacuum cleaner for your partner, and it would be your intention to lessen their burden that counts.

4. Physical Touch

Be it holding hands randomly, a shoulder rub, or just fingers entangling while you watch a movie, physical touch could be your partner’s way of receiving love.

5. Good Time Spent Together

Many individuals consider quality time spent together to be the best expression of love. You can express your love by making sure you’re giving your partner their due recognition. Pay attention to them and make time for them in your busy schedule. This is probably the most difficult since it requires the most dedication. But it also works out the best if you want a long and happy relationship.

The better you can express your love the way your partner needs it, the stronger your partnership will become. Keep loving and exploring each other!

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